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  • Doug Nelson
    Senior Member
    • Aug 2001
    • 255

    Marking post as read

    This is so basic, I feel stupid, but once I've read a post, how do I mark it as 'read'?

    I use the 'read new' function, and go through them one by one, but when I refresh it, all the posts that I just read are still there, and if I check the individual post it still has the yellow unread icon next to it. All I can do is click the 'mark all as read', which sometimes is inconvenient if I want to come back later.

    Also, is there any harm in disabling the cookie timeout? Frequently I'll get distracted, and many posts I haven't actually read get marked as read because the screen sat idle too long.
  • tubedogg
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2001
    • 13602

    Disabling the cookie timeout will make it so no one is ever considered to have left and therefore posts never get marked as read, ever. Also everyone will be on the who's online list at all times making it useless.


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