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Turning off the sig checkbox by default

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  • Turning off the sig checkbox by default

    I must be doing something wrong here. I want to make it such that when a user replies to a message, the checkbox for "show signature" is off by default, so they have to manually check it every time they need to post.

    In 1.1.6, I was able to edit the proper template to make this work. However, in 2.0.3, when I edit the following text in "newreply"

    <br><input type="checkbox" name="signature" value="yes" $signaturechecked><b>Show Signature:</b> include your profile signature. Only registered users may have signatures.
    and change the value="yes" to value="no", it does not work. Not only does it not un-check the box, but all signatures stop showing, even if the user goes back and checks them manually. lame am I?

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    You may want to run a search on this topic here because it's been covered several times. In the coding, I changed $signaturechecked to $signatureunchecked which worked for me, but others here felt that wasn't correct. As I've said, I left it that way in my coding because it works for me.


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      It's not totally incorrect, it just does the same thing as removing $signaturechecked altogether.


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        Cool. This works now, thank you. I will use the Search now instead of asking my 30 other questions.


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          Can someone change the VB product default settings in the next release?

          Signatures get boring on every post.


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            Users have the option of turning view signatures off in their user control panels.


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              Well obviously - but what we are saying here is that users with signatures set should have to opt for it's inclusion in each post and not opt for it's exclusion in each post.


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                I went into newreply template and I have

                <br><input type="checkbox" name="signature" value="yes" $signaturechecked>
                However when you click reply, the SHOW SIGNATURE box is unchecked???

                How do I make it so when someone replies, it's an automatic check? If I do this, and they have nothing in their signature..will vBulletin treat the message as there's no sig and not put that
                ---------- under the message?

                Finally, where do I have to change to make SHOW SIGNATURE checked by default in New Threads...or does the Newreply template include this as well?



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                  The signature box is always checked if the user has a signature in their profile.


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                    Ahhh hehe

                    I must have been tired when I posted that

                    Thanks bro!!


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