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How to make vBulletin look like UBB

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  • How to make vBulletin look like UBB

    Well basically I want to know how to do it and if it can be done. I love the features of VBB but love to clean look of UBB. I do not now much but I am a script kiddie and I bet I can get it going. I wanna now how hard or what it would take just a simple example or walk through.


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    It could be completely done with templates. You'd have to rework the templates to get it to look like it and it would take some work but it's completely possible.


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      Thanks for such a quick repsonce, well I mean I need more info I want to be sure about the forum I purchase before I do so. I mean I know this is a VBB board but am I making the right choice I mean can UBB have more features? Also explain the template concept to me and how VBB utilizes it.

      thanks so much

      also which is faster? dumb question I know but I need the fastest of the 2.
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        Search for something here, and then search for something at the UBB support forum, and that'll tell you which is faster.

        vBulletin has about 400 templates that cover 98% of everything you see on the board. You can change anything to your heart's content.

        As of right now I would venture to say vBulletin has more features built-in.


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          UBB 6 has performance issues, a lot of features are not ready yet. I can't really think of any reason to to prefer it. The file system it uses really gets messy when the site grows.

          When I migrated from UBB to VB - my site looked very similar afterwards. Don't confuse the InfoPop site with UBB itself - they have customised the appearance, putting UBB in a table/frame etc.

          Basic UBB does not look as good - in fact when I first installed UBB 5 - I was really annoyed that it looked so much worse than the IP site.


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            I believe I will be going with a combo of VB and vbPortal on my site, vbportal3 is coming out soon and I love the Vbulletin speed and also it's features built in. It seems this is what I need and ask for...I like the tools pictures and hacks for it, it seems a script kiddie like myself may pull it off. If I do I'll rant all the time on here so who knows we'll see. As for the price I like it for what I get, great job vBulletin, but what are your thoughts on vbPortal?


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              Continuing the PM topic from earlier vbPortal is (unlike in its youth) quite painless to install. If you are starting fresh it is easy as pie. Make short changes to 10 files, run an install program upload the style and you are off and running.

              Like vB itself vbP has a pretty dedicated core group that are more than willing to answer questions and you usually get quite fast help from Bill if you find a bug.

              The cons? Well, there is a larger server load. And now there are two products to keep up with. Worth it? I think so talkloud runs quite smooth on vbp.

              Will you be able to install it? Answer these questions

              1. Can you use a text editor to search and replace? (edit)
              2. Can you type a web address and click [click here] a few times? (install)

              It may not be this simple, but its close. In case you hadnt noticed as of yet I endorse it happily. The rest of the work is the same as to be had changing the templates to look like UBB (which is quite possible, and has, I believe, been done before)

              You wont find a better Forum software than vBulletin, and vbPortal is the icing that this delicious cake so richly deserves. (If Bill uses that I expect a note in the album linings )