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  • I have a problem....

    It is about the avatars on my board. I have enabled everything on the board but all that shows up is a white box with an red x in the middle of it. This is what i have down for the avatar options:

    Enable Avatars: Yes
    Minimum Cutstom posts: 700
    Allow uploads: Yes
    Allow website uploads: Yes
    Max Dimensions: 100
    Max File size: 20000
    Display hiegth: 5
    Display width: 5

    These options are under "Change options"! The avatars never end up showing up. I have tried both hosting a picture on a sit and using it and just uploading it and niether work. If you have any idea in what is wrong and how i can fix it then please tell me. Thanx!

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    Just a question, do you know if PHP is running safemode?


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      if you used add avatar it is possible that the script put an "/" behind it like

      check this and remove the "/" at the end


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