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  • Attachment Problems

    I was getting a message saying that the image was not a valid type even when I would upload gifs or jpgs.

    I did a search and found that one person removed some lines of code from functions.php. I tried that and it removed the message, but the attachment wasn't being stored in the DB.

    I checked my version of PHP and found that I am running in safe mode - Local Value On and Master Value Off. I tried setting up a tmp directory, but it kept saying that I don't own the directory, uid 0 does.

    Here's the specs I have:

    PHP Version 4.0.3pl1
    MYSQL Version 3.23.32
    Linux server

    I am going through a hosting provider so I don't have total access to everything. Is there a way to get the attachments to work?

    BTW, I tried to upload an avatar and received the same own message as with the attachment.

    Thanks for any help,


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    Have you tried enabling safe mode uploading in the CP? (and creating a directory [via FTP, chmod'ed to 777] )


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      Thanks for the help! I set it to Safe Mode in the CP and set the tmp directory (CHMODED to 777).

      The attachments now work, but I'm still getting the error when uploading avatars

      I'd like to get that to work, not so much for the admin end, but so that users can upload their own.

      I was trying to save the avatars in a the folder /forums/images/avatars (CHMODED to 777), but it wouldn't work. I tried using the full path... /usr/local/plesk/apache/vhosts/

      I hoping this isn't drawback of the safe mode and I'm just not doing something right.

      Any ideas on what might fix the problem?



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        You get the error when uploading avatars via the admin CP? Or where the users upload them?

        Because the admin CP doesn't have any of the safe_mode workarounds in it as the avatars can be uploaded via FTP and just added.


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          Sorry, wasn't clear on that issue. I was experiecing the problems through the Admin CP, but when I tested for users there was no issue. I ended up uploading the avatars through FTP anyhow. It's a lot faster that way




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