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Notice: Database Error Messages & HostRocket

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  • Notice: Database Error Messages & HostRocket

    Please be advised, if you're forums are hosted with HostRocket, you may be experiencing numerous database failures. Since 6:30 am ET, my forums have been shut down due to numerous database failures.

    I saw someone else post in here that they are experiencing the same thing with their forums. Chances are, if you are receiving database errors out of the blue, and you are hosted with HostRocket, chances are, there is nothing wrong with your vBulletin software. It is HostRocket's problem....once again.

    I have several trouble tickets in since 6:30am and have yet to receive a response. As soon as I hear anything, I'll post back here.

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    I have sent in 2 TTs since 8:30 Denver time and still no response or fix.

    Great customer service...yeah right


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      What an answer....

      this is the response I got back from HostRocket concerning this problem:

      The problem had nothing to do with what you mentioned, but was something specific to Vbulletin. However, we have fixed the problem, and your board should be fuctioning now. It has never happened before. We have constant monitors to tell us when the hard drive is full on our servers, and fix them ASAP. Let us know if you need anything else.
      Nick Salony
      HostRocket Support"

      Yeah right it has never happend before...I have 3 trouble tickets from the past month that show it has happend before


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        Same here. I'm getting database errors every other day with hostrocket.

        Really frustrating when you run a busy forum!


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          First of all, IMHO, it has nothing to do with vBulletin software. Second of all, the database for my forums has failed the last two days right around 3:30 am. As far as I'm concerned, this is not a software problem. I fail to believe that software will cause database errors religiously at 3:30 am every morning, and I have only one quick cron job that runs at midnight. This is the third day I've had to take my forums down due to these problems.

          They now have 24 hours to fix this problem or move my site to another server (which incidentally, I told them to upgrade me to a semi-dedicated server last Weds. and they still haven't done it). If I have to shut my forums down, one more day, I will be moving my entire site to another hosting provider.


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            Crap! Rob I just posted a post regarding my error I was having, when ever a member clicks on any post they get the error, there seems to be a slight problem with your database. I too am with hostrocket and have put in a couple of tickets to them. This has been going on for 3 days now, I'm getting nasty emails from members now!

            Is your problem not resolved yet? I've always had nothing but great things to say about HostRocket, but when you feel like your not getting any help after several days it really makes me mad!


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              Same here. The problem has been continuing for the last 3 days with little to no response from them. In fact, they have shut down their own support forums. I'm trying to be patient and understanding, but I lose it quickly when a support group can't take two seconds to send me a response stating, "we're experiencing technical difficulties and we are working on the problem."


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                Did you notice it was working fine last nite for awhile? I thought everything was fixed, but today my members let me know it was the same mess!


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                  Yep. It was working fine for me last night up until 3:39 am this morning.


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                    same here

                    getting a few emails about db errors or the site times out im on host4 btw


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                      This is driving me nuts. What the heck is hostrocket doing!!!????


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                        Well its up for now...i wonder for how long though.


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                          The error that was making people think they had database errors on their vbulletin databases has been found and fixed. The cause was related to our new daily backup system that we have been testing on our servers and how it stores data before it sends it out to the backup server. It was filling up the partition where sessions were stored and resulting in what looked like a database error for vbulletin users. The backup system has been changed on the effected servers so that it should no longer cause this problem.


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                            man I am happy I moved from HR....

                            They tried telling me that was VB specific.. What happens when I move to another server? errmmm no more error messages...

                            AND HR responses suck


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                              I had my first big problem with HR last Wednesday, when my vB DB completely vanished and I had intermittent problems connecting to my FTP account. I thought it was caused by a hardware failure as I'm on their old servers, but I was surprisingly told it was some sort of network problem. It has been fixed now, but if it happens again, I'm switching to
                              Marc James
                              Sports Central — Beyond the Scores
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