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  • Moderator not seeing Private Forum currently has 3 moderators and 2 admins. I created a private forum with the expectations that only the 5 will be able to see it. Well, it worked, sorta. All except for one moderator can see the forum. The public can't see the forum which is good. I made sure the user was a moderator and that the access area flag was set. Why can't he see the forum? Suggestions?

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    I came here to post the same question

    Using 2.0.3

    Access Mask 'ON'

    Do the moderators have to be made moderators of the private forum?


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      Check that not only is this user's access mask on, that you have enabled access masks in your board's options (should be in the "user and registration options" group).


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        We have to enable/disable access masks for each individual user? I thought that's what user groups were for?


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          You have 2 options.

          1. Not to use the "private forum" option in the forum's options page and you can use forum permissions (usergroups & permissions -> modify forums).
          2. Use the "private forum" option which uses access masks as an extension to the forum permissions to ensure it works as it should.

          Personally, I like more control over what *exactly* happens, so I'd use #1.

          Also, PGerringer, could you enter your license info into your profile? See link in sig for more info. Thanks!


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            Well, well. I didn't have the Access Mass turned on for the site. I will check with my one moderator to see if he can see it. Thanks for the note.


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              Nope... It didn't work...

              Could there be a bug where it takes a snapshot of who is a moderator when the Forum is created and then only those are given access? Person 5 was the only one created after the forum and he is the only one who can't see it.


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                I finally went to the forums permissions page and saw that the moderator's permissions were set wrong. Strange, since I just accepted the defaults, but I set them manually and all is well. Gonna be a pain if I start using this a lot for other types of private groups (which I do) and the 'set private' thing doesn't work out of the box.


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