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  • only blank pages!

    i just moved my forum to a new host, database is moved over and works fine, everything is mirrored just the domain is not moved yet.

    altho, whenever i call a page that requires global.php all i get is a blank page, no sql error, no php error nothing just BLANK!
    i know that could be global.php because i coded my own news script which uses global.php as well and this page shows only blank too!

    so does anyone know whats going wrong ? the weird thing is the admin control panel works!! (no problems) i guess thats because it uses a seperate global.php?

    well any help is appreciated, thnx

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    Have you taken a look at the sourcecode (if there is any) behind the blank page?


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      well in iexplore the usual stuff (iexplore does that):
      <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
      <META content="text/html; charset=windows-1252" http-equiv=Content-Type></HEAD>
      in netscape "Blank document".
      just NOTHING


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        Were you only experiencing this problem after you moved to a new host? Have you made any changes to any of the forum templates after you moved to the new host? The reason I ask is that if there is an HTML error in the templates somewhere which would only occur by editing, then Netscat will not render the code and you'll see a blank page.


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          nope nothing changed but admin/config.php (to fit new db info).


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            Hmm....this one is beyond my scope. Let's see if someone else can help you out. Good luck.


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              nevermind, fixed it! (it was a header include problem)


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                cpriest can you tell me what you finally did to make your forum works ?

                Because I have the same problem, every script that use the global.php gives back blank pages (because include is at the top of the files)

                Your help would be greatly appreciated


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                    Can you tell me how to fix it? I have the same problem!


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                      cpriest, after going to your admin panel - did your forum work?

                      I have Xactly the same problem. All blanks. But after logging in to the admin panel everything works(!).

                      But if I clear my cookies and start over again... nothing works! (Except the admin panel and when I've been there everything works nicely. As mentioned above) Cookie stuff i u ask me. Seems like I have to visit the admin panel to get a cookie, but after that everything works. Anyone else experiencing this?

                      I have also posted a more detailed description of my own problem under this thread;

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                        Originally posted by cpriest
                        nevermind, fixed it! (it was a header include problem)
                        please cpriest be so kind to post for us all having this same problem how you fixed it.... because I have exactly the same problem without ever moving the server, I just had to install the forum into a sub-folder to make it work but I want to use it in root!
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                          same problem. i'm not stupid enough to make the mistake of uploading config.php or index.php in binary- so please..
                          what in the world could be going on.

                          I have the exact duplicate copy of the forum files and database localy and it works perfect. I put it all on the server, with the exact database, and correct sql settings in config.php...

                          and i get a blank page on every page.

                          If I mess up the sql login variables for example, it gives me an expected error.

                          edit: sorry wrong forum. this is ancient
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