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Avatar upload trouble

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  • Avatar upload trouble

    Ok, I was have just been appointed admin at I uploaded 3 avatars in the FTP. Then I went into the control panel and then went to Avatars, from there the "add" option. Then the "Add multiple avatars" I got to the correct place. now here is when I run into trouble. The avatars show up fine, I can see the avatars with no problem. But after I slect them and press "save", I checked to see if the avatars were there. but for some reason the pic doesn't show up, it is just a red x.

    Also, when I try to upload an avatar through the CP, I get an error. Here is the error:

    Warning: Unable to create '/GrayFox.gif': Permission denied in /home/vhosts/b/ on line 35

    avatar successfuly uploaded

    Record added


    and also when I check after this, the same red x is there.

    Ok, I have tryed asking a few other people that own vb's and they couldn't really help me. So this is my last choice.

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    Not sure about the add multiple problem, as I've never had problems with it. Where are your avatars located?

    Check out the instructions again -- it's the relative path from the main vB directory (ie, images/avatars).

    And can you enter your license info into your profile? See link in sig for more info. Thanks!
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      our avatars are located in /forums/avatars, I really don't think that is the problem though, because we have over 400 avatars already.

      I will get the licenceing info as soon as I can get it, the webmaster is not online now. And I don't know what it is.