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  • Message Deletion Error

    If I try to delete a message, using edit, then delete, the message gets deleted from the database. However.. I'm then taken back to the forum, where the message is still visible. Clicking to view it throws up an error message - the message doesn't exist.

    Is this a vBulletin error, or is my setup not refreshing the page when it should?

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    Are you trying to delete a whole thread or just a single post?


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      re: deletion

      The whole thread.


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        You have encountered a slight bug in the refresh mechanism.

        For now, find the code in the standardredirect template that starts with <script> and ends with </noscript>, and replace that entire block with this:
        <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1; URL=$url">
        The bug is fixed in the next vB version, so remember to revert your standardredirect template next time you upgrade


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          Cool, when's the next version due?

          Noticed another bug by the way, totally by accident...

          If i click on the link in the email I get, "Kier has just replied....", and reply when i'm not logged in, then i get the logon screen. login and i get an error message saying that the thread couldn't be found... hit the back button, submit the message again, and it works...



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