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Multiple separate forums (different index.php pages) with one db okay?

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  • Multiple separate forums (different index.php pages) with one db okay?

    Is it acceptable to purchase separate licenses for different sets of forums, but have them all connect to the same backend mySQL database? I'm already paying $150.00/month for my hosting plan on a semi-dedicated server - and I'm almost certain I'd be charged that amount for *each* mySQL database to be hosted. I can't afford that!

    I run a set of music forums. What I'm hoping to do is create a set of forums for each band on its own main page. That's mainly because a few users squawked very loudly when they saw that each band's set of forums are all accessed from the same main page.

    Music politics, I tell ya! :\ *Sigh*...

    Is it even necessary to purchase separate licenses to make each band's set of forums appear on its own main page (the equivalent of the index.php page)? It seems that it would be.
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    Purchasing additional licenses wouldn't allow this -- you'd have to do some hacking to only get a specific category to show up based on referrer or something like that...


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      what kinda of web host would charge US$150/mo for each database used
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        Bobbi I'm almost positive you can have more than one database if you're paying for a semi-dedicated server. Heck, there's plenty of web hosts that offer more than one database for less than $20/mo on shared servers. If you really are being charged $150/mo for each databse, then you're getting ripped off.
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          The ISP never did say that was the case (to have to pay $150 for each db) - I just know that for each SQL Server db I have with a separate ISP (on a really cheap hosting plan), I can have only one db per hosting account. So I wasn't sure if it would be the same with this particular ISP. That's why I thought I would ask about this.

          Thanks for everyone's help on this issue! I'll have to figure out what to do next...


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            SQL server is a REALLY expensive, so it's understandable that they'd place limitations, especially on a less-costly hosting account.

            That said, MySQL is not SQL Server and most virtual hosts offer at least 2 or 3 databases. For example, my host, on a $10 a month plan, offers 10 databases. Those hosts that use CPANEL have to do literally nothing once CPANEL is setup to allow you to add a database...they set a limit in the config once per type of account, and you can add, with CPANEL doing the work, as many DBs as you want up to the limit specified.

            Sorry this turned a little long-winded this is just something that irks me when hosts charge $5 extra a month per database, or that type of thing. It's so stupid.