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READ THIS! Installation Checklist - Lessons I learned

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  • READ THIS! Installation Checklist - Lessons I learned

    I had many issues. Let me summarize. THANKS to: Ed Sullivan, John, JimF (another thread), Orca, and Smachol who helped to get me through my first of what I hope will be many installations...(I hope my clients will purchase a license from this board)!

    Issues in order as they happened.

    Could not read or run install.php file from CGI-BIN or other directories. ALSO (getting an Internal Server Error 500 on the web side)
    • Is your host running a CGI versions of PHP? If it is - put your files in ANOTHER executable folder other than CGI-BIN. Your root directory is great. Mine was HTDOCS. Reason...the server will try to execute all files in the CGI-BIN with a PERL engine.
    • Put all files under a subdirectory KEEPING the directory structure exactly as it unzipped!
    • Don't forget not to put in the root location when running the file...i.e. this is do not add htdocs this is automatic. Correct =
    • Make sure ALL *.php files are executable...CHMOD 755 make all files that are not executable CHMOD 644 for security reasons (check with your host on the 644 setting).
    • Make sure you transfer all files in ASCII except the IMAGES subdirectory. This should be transferred in BINARY mode.
    • To test...create a test.php file and place it in all subdirectories you are having difficulties with...make sure it has CHMOD 755 permissions set. I have attached the file (rename it to test.php). here is the code:
      PHP Code:
    • Make sure you use a TEXT editor and not a word processor to edit and create files. NOTEPAD is good. I use HOMESITE 4.5 from Allaire.Com
    • Make sure ALL *.php files have the path to the php binary at the top of your page. Mine was #!/usr/local/bin/php. EXCLUDE THESE FILES from this change!
    1. config.php from your /{forum location}/admin directory
    2. functions.php from your /{forum location}/admin directory
    3. adminfunctions.php from your /{forum location}/admin directory
    4. db_mysql.php from your /{forum location}/admin directory
    5. sessions.php from your /{forum location}/admin directory
    6. global.php from your /{forum location}/admin directory
    7. global.php from your /{forum location} directory
    8. global.php from your /{forum location}/mod directory

    My next major problem was getting MySQL to run properly - error Warning: Access denied for: 'some location ' (Using password: YES) ...
    • Make sure you are using your host location 'localhost' - '' - '' - IP address. One of these four need to be added in the CONFIG.PHP file under the HOST NAME or IP of server.
    • If your host setup your MySQL as mine did, make sure you have the database name properly inserted in the same config.php file.
    • You might need to turn off persistant connection in this same file (config.php). I did NOT have to do this.

    After the Install.php finished I got the error messages...CANNOT ADD HEADER INFORMATION at the top of the index.php page. Also added notes here from other threads and persons.
    • This was corrected by excluding those files from the binary path location listed in the first part above.
    • Make sure you delete the install.php file from your /{forum location}/admin directory
    • Make sure there are no "white spaces" at the top of any PHP file...this would be spaces or extra lines. Try using #!/usr/local/bin/php<? do not put a return between the location and beginning of code. (This was not necessary for me but may help others - especially if you held down the space bar too long...spaces might have appeared after the location)

    Final Note: Please be as specific with your error messages as possible. Make sure you have information about which version of PHP your host or you are running along with the versions of MYSQL and VBULLETIN. These can be added creatively in your profile.

    Make sure you have entered a valid registration in your profile. There were a lot of threads that asked the same question but no answers came back (or sparse answers). Not only is it NOT a good thing to pirate or "borrow" software but it is a tease to those of us searching for answers. We think you might have the same problem...BUT no one can help due to the fact there is no valid registration. Please register - THIS IS A GREAT BOARD!

    There is a LITE program to test to see if this works on your site. Of course I bought first - I could have really lost some money if my host did not provide some functions.

    The saga continues....Kehfera tries to customize the looks of her page! News at 11!
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    Good tutorial, although it contains some CGI specific implementation things, which most people don't use. (Fortunately -- we wouldn't have had this beginning "CGI error" issue to deal with)

    Glad you got it working and glad we (all) could be of assistance!
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      Premature end of script - just one file... some of the time

      I've added the sha-bang (#!/usr/local/bin/php) to the top of all my php files (except for those on the exclusion list of course, and most of the site appears to be working now. However, when I try to post a new thread, from mysite/newsgroup/newthread.php I get the error message again. I do not get the error message when I'm filling out my post, from newthread.php, but only after I've hit the submit button. Same error, 500, premature end of script.

      This appears to be the last place where I'm getting this pesky, persistent error message. Can anyone help?

      (installation day four, and counting...)
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