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Problem when trying to upgrade

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  • Problem when trying to upgrade


    I recently tried to upgrade a VB v1.1.6 forum to 2.x for a friend, but have a problem. When the original 2.0 came out, we tried to upgrade but had a problem. Okay I thought, I'll wait until the next version. Now version 2.0.1 is out, and I get exactly the same problem.

    The forum is at (not the one in my profile). I try to run upgrade1.php as instructed at

    I get as far as step 6, and then click next, and I am asked to log back in again. Attempting to login again at this point and nothing happens, the login screen reappears. Now this problem is driving me up the wall, as every time we try it, we have to restore our database and original 1.1.6 files. To be honest, I really don't see why it doesn't work. I have checked the database for errors and there are none, and indeed the 1.1.6 forum functions perfectly. It would just be nice to upgrade sometime, but we can't.

    Any suggestions please?

    Whoops, technical info: Win2k/IIS/MySQL 3.23.38-nt/PHP4.0.6
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    You shouldn't be asked to relogin -- that's pretty strange.

    But you can remove the whole logging in bit by finding:

    if ($bbuserid==0) {
    <head><title>Forums admin</title>
    And above it adding:


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      Thank you very much, that seems to have worked