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  • Ignore and "Last Page" Counts

    (Please note the top post of the linked thread has no significance)

    I think I understand what's happening.

    When I log out, the "who is baroon" thread has 5 pages in it. When I log back in with my ignore list, it only comes out to 4 pages. However, the "last page" link will still try to take me to page 5 even though I am logged in.

    This bug will probably happen for people when someone on their ignore list has posted to a thread, and when the last page of that thread only has a few posts on it. The ignore function will cause the thread size to shrink down one page, but the "last page" link will still try to take them to last page + 1, thus displaying a blank page.

    Hope this helps.
    So "Last Page" calculations do not take into account the ignore function.

    Edit: To look up customer information to see that though I, personally am not a paying customer, our main admin, (who is out of town) Porticemaster / RSG, is. Just look at the site he has listed in both his signature and his profile. It redirects to our new domain name, Thanks, and sorry for this walkabout.
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