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ubb 6.04e to vB2

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  • ubb 6.04e to vB2

    We are planning on switching from ubb 6.04e to the latest version of vB. I have read the faq's and the doc's and searched the forums. I think I have the general process down and it looks like it will be an easy switch once we purchase the license.
    One thing I wanted to clear up before we make the purchase, there seems to be a bit of an issue converting ubb 6+ to vB2. Has this been resolved? I did not find any recent messages complaing about it, but wanted to be sure.

    There are a few questions I had which I could not find an answer for.

    1. Are all exsting "ban" list names/ips imported?
    2. I assume that existing moderators will be just that? Has there ever been a case of ubb id 12345 converting and giving someone else moderator status?

    Thanks for the help. If this should have been posted in the install thread, I am sorry I had the impression that install was for post installation questions.

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    I was using UBBS too. it works fine for me after switch to Vbbs. only few function may not work ! eg. avatars.......

    I am looking for the answer now......


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      1. Yup.
      2. The only problems I believe I've heard of were the occasional mod not being imported. Nothing like user Y gets to be a mod instead of X, to my knowledge.


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        Great, thanks for the speedy reply. We are not using the advatar function, I think I am burnt out on those from the old palace

        It may be fairly routine to the folks at vB, but whenever we make changes to the forum it is scary. A bit over 50k post, and 7k users, could be a lot of angry emails

        I'd like to suggest a bit more info on the main site for questions regaurding importing, I think that everything else was very well covered.