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Users do not appear in Control Panal

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  • Users do not appear in Control Panal


    We are using CFBoard Forums. We are moving to vBulletin 2.0.1
    I moved my forum member from CFBoard database to vBulletin database.

    I checked that all field converted correctly and nothing messed.

    The number of users increased from 1 to the crrunt user number of old forum. They can post, and they can edit there informations, but ....

    users dosn't appear in users list in Control Panal. Searching by user name or any other field gave an empty list.

    Also no users appear in members list exept me (the adminstrator) in the Forum Members List, but if the member had post a thread or posted reply then you can click on hes name to hes Profile.

    What is the problem?
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    Please enter your license information in your profile.

    Are you saying that you hacked another forum's user database into the vB user database? We can not support that but I am sure if you posted in the hacking forum that someone can help you out.