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  • More Attachment Problems

    Sorry folks but I am I have read loads of stuff on this board concerning Attachments and I am unsure where to start.

    My host has safe mode enabled, using php4.0. Which of the files should I change to get round this. New this, global that, where do I start.? Thanks

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    You should not need to change any files - go to the bottom of the Options page in the Admin CP and make sure you have Upload in Safe Mode set to yes, and you need to create a directory under your forums directory called tmp and CHMOD it 777.


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      Did that

      This is what I got on posting a gif image: I had to do a screen capture to get this text.


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        What is your *specific* PHP version? (go to .../admin/index.php?action=phpinfo)


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          Php Version

          PHP Version 4.0.4pl1
          FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE #0

          This version got a bug? think I saw something like this on another thread some days ago?


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            Your version has the real is_uploaded_file/move_uploaded_file function, so I was under the impression that those allowed you to access uploaded files even in safe mode. If that's not true though, then there's not too much that can be done.

            Looking at the PHP 4.0.5 changelog, :
            Allow access to uploaded files in safe_mode. Beware that you can only read the file. If you copy it to new location the copy will not have the right UID and you script won't be able to access that copy. (Thies)
            So in 4.0.5+, you shouldn't even have to set the safe mode uploading (if you do, it might end up causing problems), but I don't think anyone's reported back to us about it. If you upgrade to PHP 4.0.5, it may fix the issue.


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              It Works

              Hi Ed,

              Thought this might be interesting, my control panel listed my directory as [ /tmp ] I created a folder and chmod this to 777 with no luck, the screen error message was so quick I could not read it (so I did a screen capture) this is how I got round the problem, I changed the path to :

              /usr/home/c/a/USER ID/public_html/forum/tmp

              And would you Adam & Eve it, it worked.



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                What about when it doesnt work then you try safemode but its on a NT server with no CHMOD?


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                  I don't know much about servers being new to all this but from my 4 days of mucking around there are two issues which are clear

                  1. Look very closely at the error messages, I got does not exist at /usr/home/c/a/USER ID the clue for me was that it was telling me the path it was looking at.

                  2. The tmp folder must have read/write permissions set. How you do this with NT I hav'ent a clue.

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                    Well i dont get any errors reguardless of what i do all it does it post without the attachment i check the moderator queue and its empty and i check the admincenter and attachments are enabled so im totally clueless


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                      I recently had a hard drive crash, and lost the operating system on my server and had to rebuild.

                      I had this attachment feature working before the crash, but can't remember exactly how.

                      WinNT 4 SP6a
                      Apache server

                      I can't remember how the /tmp directory relates in the path. Like where on my hard drive I need to put it.

                      Any ideas?


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