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Import UBB 5 problems/errors.

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  • Dirk92GTA
    I had the same problem when I imported my UBB 5X board into VBB2. Looks to me like any of my moderators with a SPACE in their name got ignored and the next moderator in line got shoved into the proper moderators space.

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  • Pilot
    started a topic Import UBB 5 problems/errors.

    Import UBB 5 problems/errors.

    My UBB 5.47 import had these problems

    Several forums had fewer moderators than before.

    Quote tags didn't come out right.

    Nested IMG and URL tags are also messed up.

    User with & in username was not properly imported and although in the database I could not re-make him a moderator (user not found in mod add).

    Post count update during import stopped after only a few users.

    Categories were imported although turned off in UBB.

    Ignored me when I asked not to use UBB post/reply graphics for sytle.

    Refers to ubb/smilies folder in instructions - this is not present normally unless a UBB hack is installed - so which folder do you then use?

    Didn't import censored words.