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Where/what is the headinclude template?

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  • Where/what is the headinclude template?

    What is the headinclude template? Which .php file is it?

    I was told I needed to access that to add fading-text effects to various links.

    Also, which of the PHP files contain the header vBulletin graphic? Just above it, I'd like to place some other graphics on the page.

    What I mean is, I want a banner to appear above the standard vBulletin logo (vBulletin_logo.gif, to which I cannot find a reference *ANYWHERE* in the .php files) and I'm not sure which file to modify to make that happen.

    The written documentation (the online manual) is definitely *not* extensive enough! :\
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    The templates are not stored in .php files, but in the database!

    You can edit the templates in the admin cpl -> templates
    The headinsert template can also be edited in styles -> modify -> fonts/colors/etc
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