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Buttons as text links! :(

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  • Buttons as text links! :(

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    I changed the standard 6 buttons (see above) into text links in the header template and I noticed that my board started going funny -what I mean is - it woudnt let me log in like it normally does - and other little strange things started happening liek when I clicked the User CP linmk it asked me to log in and when I logged in - it didnt say thankyou, for loggin in - liek it usually does but sent me back to teh loggging screen.

    Am I to asume I have to make a chnage somehwere else also? One question why is the last button, the logout button hidden using the <!-- tag? i even made a text link for this button using the <!-- tag but still - I had funny probs...

    Pls help as I want to keep images minimal! The buttons has to go!

    Thanks in advance!

    ps: I dont have these problems when I use the standard buttons!

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    Simply changing them to text shouldn't do anything like that -- sounds like there might be some sort of cookie corruption.

    As for <!-- -->, that's HTML's comment tag.