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BRAND new to this - please be gentle

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  • BRAND new to this - please be gentle

    Hi all

    I am really brand spanking new to all this, and I know I have much to learn. I am hoping someone can point me to some BASIC "getting started" info... I want to start slow, use the default template etc, and learn enough to start creating my own templates styles etc...

    My 1st problem is that I have vbulletin installed (that went really easy, whew!) and I started to configure the board. I wanted to make the board inactive, so if someone stumbles on it now, they will see my "under construction" message

    I set the radio button to "no" in the active? section, and saved changes. the main page still comes up. I tried going back to the control panel and seting it back to "yes" saving changes, and still, the board appears, no message.

    Is this because I am logged in as an admin?



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    Yes, it is because you're an admin


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      Do you have any good places for me to start learning all this stuff?
      I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now


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        Do you have any good places for me to start learning all this stuff?
        Without a doubt these forums are the best place to learn in my opinion.

        Think of these forums as a Jelsoft knowledge Base in that nearly every question on how to do this and that has been answered at one time. Truly tones of info if you do a search on your query.

        There is also the online manual - very good too


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          Originally posted by BobHope
          Jelsoft knowledge Base
          You know that wouldn't be a bad idea. Gather up the best stuff and create a knowledge base.

          Something to think about for the future maybe.


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            My point is that the forums already act as a knowledge Base. All they take is a search or two as a proper knowledge Base system would.

            What would be the point of creating duplicate information?


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              Thank you both
              I agree there is alot of info here, and I have solved a bunch of my own stupid beginner mistakes that way
              BUT there really isnt a "Templates for Dummies"section The threads I am reading are admittedly somewhat over my head in some cases....

              I am messing around and learning trial by fire. This is good because I am learning, but I would absolutely love if there was a section in these forums like
              "VBulletin is installed...Now What?" LOL

              Thanks again, and be sure I will be reading as much as I can.... I hate to be a pain by askign questions that have already been addressed....


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                Originally posted by BobHope
                All they take is a search or two as a proper knowledge Base system would.
                Search isn't exactly perfect. Not that a search system with a knowledge base would be, but at least we could assign certain keywords to topics.

                Such as, for example, I was searching for a post that contained a link to MSDN (the Microsoft Developer Network) about rich-text controls. I tried searching for MSDN, I tried *msdn*, I tried*, everything. I never did find it - luckily a quick search through my browser's history found the MSDN page I was looking for. But in that case we could assign the keyword MSDN to it and save all the trouble of trying to remember if the person used http:// in front of it or not, etc.