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  • Thanks Webhost,

    That solution would give me an output to my mainpage of all the articles in one particular forum, correct?

    What I am wanting to do is have something that points to one specific thread in any forum. I am okay with having to manually enter the forum and threadids in the string of code which could do this. All of the news items on my site are manually entered by myself or one other, and what I was hoping was something that points to that thread from my home page (i.e. the "Discuss this Post" that I am already using) but also give the last poster and # of posts in that thread.

    One way I was thinking of tackling this was that I could have an individual phunews.php (i.e. news1.php, news2.php, etc) for EACh article I post, but it seems that there would be a line of code that I could use for every post, and just manually type in the forumid and threadid specific to that news item that I have already created.

    Hopefully I'm getting my needs across, but I feel like I'm talking in one huge circle.



    • Yea I asked earlier in this post about be able to pull from more than one forum at time. They stated they were working on that. I think if that could be done then what you want should be achiveable. Look back in the post and ask one of the guys that put this hack together. They might be able to help. Got my hands full now with a calendar hack I am working on.

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      • There is 9 hours time difference between me and where my website is hosted. vBulletin has a setting like that so that the time is displayed correctly. Could you please help to solve the time difference issue in PluhNews between the server and client. I hope I could explain my problem.

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        • Re: [RELEASE] PluhNews 1.5

          Originally posted by Kayn
          UPDATED! Woohoo!

          I just fixed/added stuff from version 1.0!

          Download the new version 1.5 if you have the old 1.0 - lots of better features.

          From the readme.txt:

          You can check out the raw demo here for PluhNews:

          And Headlines!

          Let me know if you like it! (Thanks Dark Wizard and Bane)
          Wonderful script !! keep it up for your good work ! Thanks !


          • I've converted our staff new at to PluhNews, using PluhHeadlines.

            I would like to do the same with our tech news, but like I said before, how can you create a source. I saw another site with it....


            • By popular request I am going to post the code I used for my news posting. I have had about 20 emails asking me for it so I figure I will archive it here. I am no way a php coder. This was just placing "cookies?" where i needed them.

              Demo at

              // **********************

              //Edit the HTML here (keep in mind that any double quote requires a backslash in front of it)

              echo "

              <table bgcolor=#003366 border=0 cellpadding=3 cellspacing=1 width=\"100%\">

              <tbody> <tr bgcolor=\"#000066\">

              <td width=\"100%\"><font color=#ffffff face=arial,tahoma,verdana size=2>

              <a href=\"$forumspath/showthread.php?s=&threadid=$threadid\"><b>$title</b></a> - <a href=\"$forumspath/showthread.php?s=&threadid=$threadid\">$replycount Comments</a><br>

              Posted By <a href=\"$forumspath/member.php?s=&action=getinfo&userid=$postuserid\">$postusername</a> at $dateposted</b>

              </center></font></td></tr><tr bgcolor=\"#000000\"> <td width=\"100%\"><font color=#ffffff face=arial,tahoma,verdana size=2>

              </a>$bericht<center><br><a href=\"$forumspath/showthread.php?s=&threadid=$threadid\">$replycount Comment(s) Last comment was by <b>$lastposter</b></center></font></font></td></tr></tbody></table>



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              • I have just set it up ! and it show nothing. I think may be the <?

                //This is the Config file to get PluhNews running.
                //Set some Variables

                //Retrieve news from the correct forum, which is the forumid
                $newsforums = 1;

                //Number of news items to show at once
                $newsitems = 10;

                //Path to your forums directory (leave out trailing slash)
                $forumspath = "";


                What should I put on $forumspath= ? My fourm files is under the root domain ( ) all index.php is under not

                is there any idea ?

                Thanks !


                • nice
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                  • Kengan, Try putting a slash "/" for that. It should work.
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                    • Kayn

                      Any word on the features to be able to pull from more than one forumid?

                      Great hack
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                      • Hmmm...are you working on this Kayn? If not I can easily do it for you....


                        • Can you hack like this too ?


                          I like part of the feature here !!


                          • Kengen:

                            Yes, PluhNews could be configured to look like that, or almost anything else.

                            You'll just have to adjust the HTML output lines in it.

                            I modified it a lot before I installed it, and the boss was very pleased when he looked at it. He said adopt it.



                            • Originally posted by SysMom

                              Yes, PluhNews could be configured to look like that, or almost anything else.

                              You'll just have to adjust the HTML output lines in it.

                              I modified it a lot before I installed it, and the boss was very pleased when he looked at it. He said adopt it.


                              I see ! that is neat !!


                              • Hey, if all of you using PluhNews could send me a link, I would love to see that!

                                Please post it here:

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