UPDATED! Woohoo!

I just fixed/added stuff from version 1.0!

Download the new version 1.5 if you have the old 1.0 - lots of better features.

From the readme.txt:

This script isn't really a hack, just an external script that pulls information out of the VBulletin Database for news
or whatever reason you see fit. It's easy to install and configure, and has tons of the same features that many other
news scripts have, except you don't have to modify any Vbulletin source code (which I'm never comfortable doing
for some reason, but that's just me .

I had a really rough time finding a good, EASY news script that did what this does. I searched and found some, but
it really came down to easy installation. I didn't want to modify MySql tables or mess with the advanced Vbulletin
source (well, to me anyway). So I wrote this script. Yer.

This script was intended for VBulletin 2.0 only (I don't know if it will work with previous releases) and PHP4.

Working Demos can be found in use at http://pluh.com/forums/PluhNews.php and for headlines,

After you install, if at all possible, I would appreciate some credit to my script. A link to http://pluh.com
on your page before or after your news would be great. Let me know when you have it installed too - I love
seeing my stuff working on other websites!
You can check out the raw demo here for PluhNews: http://pluh.com/forums/PluhNews.php

And Headlines! http://pluh.com/forums/PluhHeadlines.php

Let me know if you like it! (Thanks Dark Wizard and Bane)