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[RELEASE] PluhNews 1.0

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  • [RELEASE] PluhNews 1.0

    UPDATED! Woohoo!

    I just fixed/added stuff from version 1.0!

    Download the new version 1.5 if you have the old 1.0 - lots of better features.

    From the readme.txt:

    This script isn't really a hack, just an external script that pulls information out of the VBulletin Database for news
    or whatever reason you see fit. It's easy to install and configure, and has tons of the same features that many other
    news scripts have, except you don't have to modify any Vbulletin source code (which I'm never comfortable doing
    for some reason, but that's just me .

    I had a really rough time finding a good, EASY news script that did what this does. I searched and found some, but
    it really came down to easy installation. I didn't want to modify MySql tables or mess with the advanced Vbulletin
    source (well, to me anyway). So I wrote this script. Yer.

    This script was intended for VBulletin 2.0 only (I don't know if it will work with previous releases) and PHP4.

    Working Demos can be found in use at and for headlines,

    After you install, if at all possible, I would appreciate some credit to my script. A link to
    on your page before or after your news would be great. Let me know when you have it installed too - I love
    seeing my stuff working on other websites!
    You can check out the raw demo here for PluhNews:

    And Headlines!

    Let me know if you like it! (Thanks Dark Wizard and Bane)
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    Sweet script, this is what i've been looking for. I have one problem though. After configuring everything the links to view the news appear on my page but when you click on the links is is looking at the wrong path. It is using the default /forums path instead of the one I specified in the config file. you can see what I mean over at MY SITE


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      Ok i'm a moron, you can delete that last post if you want. It was a simple line I needed to edit in the html portion of the script. If your forums are in a directory other than /forums then you need to edit the text to the links at the bottom of the script in the html section. On a side note how would I go about changing the text color displayed so I can change the background color of my table?
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        You can change that using plain HTML. Like , <font face=\"#000000\">blah blah</font> Just remember the slashes in front of the quotes so you don't get a parse error when the script executes.

        ...that's a good suggestion though, an option for font colors inside the setup. I'll take note of that for the next release, plus more options.

        Looks like the script is working for you! That is very good. Yes.

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          This is an awesome script! Didnt want you to think noone was checking it out

          If you could make it do auto formatting on the posts (so i dont have to use html in my news posts) I would be a happy camper! I think you could sneak some code out of printthread.php and noone would notice

          As soon as this is added this feature will be added to Hell, i will even give you credit!

          Thanks again


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            Hey man, thanks! It was really simple to do too (the code, for any php guru, is a no-brainer).

            I did some research on the auto formatting and came across some special functions that allow breaks without <br>'s and <p>'s. Just gotta test 'em.

            I'm going to attempt to get the rest (like VBcode, etc) to work. This would make this script much better for people, like yourself, who don't want to hassle with HTML.

            Thanks again!
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              First off....this is a very cool hack and exactly what I was looking for. However, there are a couple problems:

              1. The html in the new.php file needs to be checked/cleaned. It's not a big deal and it isn't that bad...but just being picky.

              2. The time stamp seems to be screwed up. The times that the posts were actually made is incorrect and looks like they are 1-2 hours ahead of the actual posting time.

              3. may want to see how you can require the config.php file in the admin directory rather than including the database name, password, etc right in the php file. Just a suggestion.

              Otherwise, good job!


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                Thanks man for the suggestions.

                1. The HTML was thrown together really quick, but that is a good idea for a future release.

                2. I don't know why the time is messed up. A bug to tackle!

                3. Another good idea. Will work on it.
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                  Just another suggestion. It would be great if this hack was able to parse vb code.


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                    Be easier to just recreate printthread.php IMHO


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                      I went through printthread.php, and I was scratchin' my head. I'm gonna try some stuff with the code. I got the results to recognize line breaks, which was actually easy.

                      But once I get this working with VBcode and all that stuff, I'll be sure to let you know.

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                        Nice job on the addon i would say.. I am using it at my site right now for the front page

                        I did notice about the line breaks it would be nice if it can look just like what is posted. Because If I do add the line breaks then the post looks wrong. Just something I noticed.

                        Also.. This is kind of a permission thing but I figured I would ask here. I want it so only admin and moderators can post in the forum but everyone can reply. Is there a place I need to go to set this permission up?

                        Thanks again.. keep up on the updates.. i love it

                        Goodbye newspro.. hello Pluhnews


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                          this looks great just needs parsing of vB code & smilies and sent to friend link and you're set
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                            White knight...

                            I like how you have the

                            "0 Comment(s) Last comment was by Fred"

                            after your news posts. Did you use this hack to do that, or is there some other line of code that your are using? I would like to be able to do this at my site

                            Thanks for the help!!


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                              Working on those new features, and yes, the script includes the (0 Comments, last comment was by So-and-so).

                              This might take a while, so bear with me...
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