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  • Add a select field to the profile

    Hey there

    I'm still trying to learn all of this and damn this is cool ****. Anyway, I installed the gender hack and was going to use it to install another profile select box. Then I saw the very cool CP tool for adding a field to the profile. It currently only allows you to add a input box. I decieded to modify it so I could add my select box from there. It wasn't very hard and the hack is pretty short.

    Here it is in a nutshell
    I added a textarea field to the add/edit profile field
    if you want the new field to be a dropdown, you enter the dropdown values. each line represents a new option tag.

    Ex. you want a new field called "sex" that is a drop down with
    the choices male,female, and other.

    Make the new field as usual.
    Set Field Length. (1 would be a standard dropdown)
    Set Maximum Input (I'd leave it at 250)
    In the Select Box Items text area type


    each on it's own line.

    If you like this hack, please check out this thread and give me some input

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    would anyone want the ability to add radio yes/no fields as well? I don't need em right now, but I gotta beileve I will sooner or later

    Big Up to the VB guys for making it possible to add profile fields from the Admin CP. I dig it!


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      This looks an excellent hack!

      Radio buttons would also be very useful.

      Has anyone installed it?


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        great hack, radio buttons anyone?


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          Radio buttons would be great!


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            If no one gets around to making radio buttons I will for ya

            Not much of a change of code really...

            but I can't do it off the top of my head at work lol..

            I usually on use drop downs.. cause they work for some of the stuff I have been doing lately

            RobAC... pm if you want me to change the custom hack to radio buttons instead of drop downs


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              BreadC, we need both drop down and radio buttons



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                I added radio buttons

                I updated the directions to add radio buttons over the weekend, but couldn't get on the site to post em. I'll post it after work tomorrow. I orgiginally just made then standard Yes No radio buttons, but started to change it so they could have any value and you could have more than 2. will post it asap.


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                  Mutt please post them as soon as you can....can't wait longer



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                    I'll try and finish it up today. I though of a nicer way to do it and would like to make it clean before posting. busy working on the vb code buttons today but I'm sure I'll get to it


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                      Mutt...are you still working on it?


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                        great work mutt


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                          damnit mutt! ya did a good job! like a charm!


                          LOL, mutt . . . .
                          MSN: [email protected] | MAIL: [email protected] | FOLIO:


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                            I'm interested in this as well....
                            Jamie Sandford, editor
                            "The Home for Maxima Enthusiasts"

                            Rolling backup shell script (v2.0)
                            Code to fix error when creating custom profile fields (v2.0b2)
                            Code to make a bargraph rating instead of stars (v2.0b2)


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                              I installed this and it works great outside of the control panel (when a user wants to change a profile field in his own user cp the drop down menu appears as it should).. But in the admin CP, when I go to 'add users', the custom field that I added does not show the drop down options.. It only shows an empty field just like the other profile fields there.. Any suggestions?


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