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  • Four questions in one...

    Hi Folks,

    here´s one more Newbie and I just startet to import from UBB5 to VBB 2.01 - After some hours I´ve still got following questions:

    Just take this thread for example:

    a) In the Line of "Topic" i just want to show up the topic, without linksteps to upper forums... (like here in "old" version: ) This means in other words: "Thema: Allgemeine Spieleforen > Cheats, Tipps & Tricks > T'SCHULDIGUNG GESTÄNDNIS" should be only "Thema: T'SCHULDIGUNG GESTÄNDNIS" - Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

    b) During importing threads, modificated quotes show up a little bit curios (look both mentioned thread before). Is there a way to replace for example these

    "<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-2" face="Tahoma, Verdana, Arial">Zitat:</font><HR><font size="-2" face="Tahoma, Verdana, Arial">Original erstellt von bespalko.s:
    Um was gehts denn?

    against "normal" quote and to look like bevore in our old "UBB-Forum"?

    c) same problem as with imported quotes, it shows up img-tags like this: <IMG SRC="" border=0> instead of showing images...

    d) Where can i edit the "quote" replacement in vbb? After some hours I just can´t find it anymore (font size in quotes should be -2)

    That´s all for the moment - all other things works fine till now - good job

    Thanx for your answers (hope you could understand my "english" an my descriptions/problems a little bit)


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      a) There should be a $navbar variable in your showthread template -- remove that and put $thread[title] or $threadinfo[title] instead.

      b) Looks like you translated your quote tag, which would cause the problem. Add a replacement variable that replaces:

      <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-2" face="Tahoma, Verdana, Arial">Zitat:</font><HR><font size="-2" face="Tahoma, Verdana, Arial">

      with whatever HTML you want the opening part of your quote tag to use. (use &amp;gt; and &amp;lt; instead of < and > !!)

      Do the same thing with </font>[/quote].

      c) Hmm.. that's a bit tougher. I'll have to look at the importer code to see if that was supposed to be replaced. Is that the default look for an [ img] tag in UBB?

      d) It's in the bb code section of the control panel.


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        a) thanks
        b) thanks once more
        c) Yes, i think that´s the standard-tag... found solution at
        d) thanks again

        Last question for the moment: Which tables I´ve to delete if i want to reimport the whole ubb posts/members/threads once more to be up to date? (excisting posts/members etc. should be deleted)

        Last edited by Craig2; Tue 3 Jul '01, 6:41am.


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          Did you finalize the UBB import? If not, you can clean out the UBB imported stuff by going to .../admin/bbimport.php?action=reset

          Otherwise you'll have to do a clean install to reset your database.


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            Isn´t it possible to delete just threads, members, posts etc. and import everything new? Do not really want to setup/modificate all templates to our wishes once more ;-)


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              Yes, of course you can but there are a ton of queries that you have to run.

              Hence, reinstalling -- and you don't have to lose your templates. Go into the download/upload style section and download the "default" style. You should be able to import that after you reinstall.

              Or you could backup the template/replacement tables, reinstall, and just overwrite the tables with your edited version.


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                I also had that quote problem with importing UBB 5 and my board is in English.

                It would be nice if the import script allowed more control over selecting and/or re-running parts of the import process (eg forum by forum.


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