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    Please Update the *.zip File!


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      ok, deleted the table and ran galleryinstall again

      It created the table. Then I ran gallerymakethumbs and got this:

      Processing attachment #11: woodchips.jpg.
      Processing attachment #12: admin.gif.
      Processing attachment #13: 411people2.gif.
      Processing attachment #14: easton2.jpg.

      So that's good I guess.

      Still nothing in gallery.php
      Still no filedata value.

      I have ImageMagick, I can convert from telnet so I know it's installed correctly. What's up, Please?


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        Re: yeah, got a nice blank page

        Originally posted by mojotim
        I had to modify it a little:

        I'm using safe mode php so it didn't like that.

        I think safe mode is your other problem as well:

        safe_mode_exec_dir string

        If PHP is used in safe mode, system() and the other functions executing system programs refuse to start programs that are not in this directory.

        From what I saw in your database screenshot, the filedata field was blank. I'm guessing the inserts are failing. Hopefully you have rights to update your PHP.INI and add the above statement. Probably the safest thing to do is to make a copy of convert in your existing safe mode directory... pointing it at a shared bin directory kind of defeats the purpose.

        You may want to remove the line:

        PHP Code:
        From makeThumb in functions.php. If thumbnails are being created, you should have a bunch of /tmpPath/th_[RandomStuff] files. You're also gonna need to clear out your 'thumb' table once those th_ files start appearing.

        Obviously I didn't test in safe mode. =)


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          The pics dosn't display!

          See here:
          Sorry for my bad English, i comes from germany!


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            you got's the ImageMagick?

            Telnet in and go to a directory where you have some images.

            Then type this:

            convert -geometry 120x120 filename.jpg new_filename.jpg

            this will create a thumg 120x120 of filename.jpg

            if you can do this than cool, your problem lies elsewhere and I can't help you because I'm too stupid to get this to work too (different problems)


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              i haven't telnet access thats my problem!
              Sorry for my bad English, i comes from germany!


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                Originally posted by Znaper
                i haven't telnet access thats my problem!
                Well, you need to find out if ImageMagick is installed, and if so, where the location of convert is. This is an external utility, that is currently 100% required. for more information.


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                  I installed it,
                  created the thumbs

                  And the next step wuld be this


                  Warning: Division by zero in /home/dlrarmy/public_html/forums/gallery.php on line 108

                  And it doesn't show... yes I have ImageMagic and it is pointing to the right place
                  What am I doing wrong?
                  aol im sgtsling



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                    where do I set the options at?
                    When I ran instll it said done.. that is it.

                    I am not runnin safe mode
                    This stinks


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                      Originally posted by Sarge
                      where do I set the options at?
                      When I ran instll it said done.. that is it.

                      I am not runnin safe mode
                      This stinks
                      In the normal vBulletin control panel, should at/near the bottom of your normal main options. Post your values please, I'd like to try to figure out why this div0 error is occuring.


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                        My Control Panel

                        Here's a picture of the Image Gallery control panel with my settings. The only way I've duplicated the Div0 error is by having no values set.

                        I've fixed gallery.php to assign default values and do a few error checks. The new ZIP is attached to my 2nd post in this thread. Until I see some working installs, I'm not gonna hassle with versioning this.


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                          IT just doesnt display the pics

                          Yes I used your settings and i do have imagemagic



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                            here is a pic of my gallery options

                            Here is the image, still does not work, but I have not made the suggested changes yet. I will let you know how it goes.


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                              ok replaced gallery php and no go

                              Still same thing, no pics. By turning off Safe mode, I have gotten my other gallery script working (not connected to MySQL or vB at all) which uses ImageMagick, so I know it works and that the location is correct.

                              What is up with this line:

                              Find function acceptupload() (Line 1277):
                              Find (Line 1347):
                              Change to:

                              How come it says nothing after that? Mistake? Should we be doing something at line 1277?


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                                Question: Since this gallery of images is being used on the forums which uses the PHP GZIP compression agent....if the admin has it set of course....does the PHP GZIP compress the images as well?
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