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Old database being used by vB

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  • Old database being used by vB

    Every once in a while, I receive an automated e-mail with a subject of "vBulletin (forum) Database error!" and containing the following:
    Database error in vBulletin: cannot use database forums
    mysql error: Unknown database 'forums'
    mysql error number: 1049
    Date: Wednesday 27th of June 2001 03:39:33 PM
    However, the database vBulletin is using is called "vbforums", not "forums". I had created a database called "forums" when I was initially experimenting with setting up vBulletin, but that is long since gone. Apparently, however, something is still trying to use the non-existent "forums" database once in a while, and I can't figure out what is doing it.

    Any ideas?

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    *bump* Any ideas?


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      I was going to suggest that for some reason config.php couldn't get included, and "forums" was the default db name, but it's not -- the default is an empty string.

      So I don't see how this is possible unless some one is playing with config.php.

      The other interesting thing is that the "script" line is empty...


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        The only way this would happen is if you had an additional copy of the files on your server that still pointed to that old database.
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          yeah did you recently move servers or hosts ?

          they may still have your other copy running ?
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