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  • Subforum not Displaying

    I've created my first subforum, but it won't display on the main page. I set "Depth of Forums" to 3, then bumped it up to 4, but no joy.

    Here is the setup:

    Help Desk (forum)
    Workgroups (category)
    --ACES (forum within Workgroups)
    ----Tie File (subforum within ACES)
    --GIS (forum within Workgroups)

    I would like "Tie File" to show up on the main page, but it does not. If I click on the "Workgroups" category, however, then it does show up. It also shows up when I am in the parent forum.

    What am I missing?

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    You'll have to add a 3rd level of templates, in the format of:


    X = the level number (3 here)
    <type> = nopost -- when act as a forum is no; post -- when act as a forum is yes.

    You can just copy the contents from one of the other forumhome_forumbit_* templates and adjust to suit.


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      Is there any effect of setting depth of forums option to more than 2?

      Since it is necessary to add templates to show subcategories and/or subforums on the forum home page at a greater depth than 2 levels, is there any effect of setting Options > Forum Home Page Options > Depth of Forums to a number larger than 2?

      Also, a bit more explanation than:

      "Depth to show forums on home page. Do not go too large on this value for performance reasons." in the Admin Control Panel or the User's Guide would be helpful, as there's no indication that anything additional need be done to show subcategories or subforums on the forums home page or, I assume, a forum page, which has a similar setting.


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        There is the effect of running through a loop to output info for the third level, even if it isn't shown. But the performance hit for the 3rd level is usually negligible. It's if you have like 10 levels that it gets bad.


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          Thanks, tube. May I call you "tube"?


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            i should have checked here first - i would have saved a couple hours!

            we are still figuring out which items are amenable to "change settings" and which involve template changes.
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