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Problem Installing because of Mysql "Alter" command

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  • Problem Installing because of Mysql "Alter" command

    Durin installation I got this error.
    "Error Number:2006 Error: Mysql has gone away"

    When I contacted my host this is the response I received.

    "There is a known issue with the way that the ALTER command works with
    our custom version of MySQL that breaks the connection to the database.

    Software: MySQL (VServers version)

    Detail: Our implementation of MySQL keeps a cached version of the
    database in system memory when a connection to the database is made, so
    that queries on the database can be executed much more quickly. When the
    ALTER command is executed, it modifies the actual MySQL database that
    you instruct it to modify, but the cached version of the database is not
    updated. Therefore, after the ALTER command modifies the database, MySQL
    compares the cached version to the actual database, realizes that they
    do not match, and breaks the connection to the database. This destroys
    the cached version in memory, and therefore removes any inconsistencies
    between the two.

    Solution: The ALTER command does make the proper modifications to the
    MySQL database, and the error produced by MySQL about the connection
    being lost to the database can be ignored. For further database
    interaction, the connection to the database must be re-established.

    For scripts that use the ALTER command, error suppression must be used
    to catch the 'lost connection error', so that the script does not exit
    on the error it receives."

    Does this mean we cannot run VBulletin because it uses the Alter command? According to what he says, we can continue after the error. But theres no choice to continue. It just errors and stops. So how are we expected to continue?

    Is this normal? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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    We have an $onvservers flag in the install script, but apparently our workarounds still don't want to work (according to one person who tried it in 2.0.1) despite doing what they told us to do... *sigh*


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      So am I pretty much out of luck?


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        Do a search for my name in this forum and you can read about my troubles and solution with this problem.

        I've been happily running vb201 on Vservers now for weeks


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          if you're doing a new install rather than an upgrade it'll be much easier as well.


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            I did as you said, but my search came up with nothing about this. I found your thread where you discussed the problem I am having, but I dont see a resolution anywhere. Could you give me a better way of finding it? Id appreciate it.

            Thank you


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              Ok I finally got it installed. Thank you very much!
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