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    Hi Ced,
    I had make the update of counter in the good order (Users, then Threads, and then Forums), and the problem can't comes from this point.
    If you say that all is correct for you, i dont understand where the corruption come from in my importation ???
    I check more for a mistake in my configuration and i post when i have found something...
    Nebula, forget my last post, the mixing problem is in my database or in my brain...sorry !


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      Well...I'm somewhat confused ced. Is the problem my script or your database? It sounded like it was the scripts problem, but then I thought you said it was your database's problem. I'm confused. Just let me know if it is my script's problem, or your databases problem. Also, if it is a problem with my script, please send me a copy of your phpBB database, or a link to your phpMyAdmin so I can get it that way. Also, I DO compare the original phpBB and the imported vBulletin side-by-side.

      I'm at my grandparents house, so I can't really make an update, as I don't really have any FTP clients or anything, and they don't want me to clutter up their computer.

      Be home hopefully tonight or tomorrow night!
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        Hi Nebula,
        CED have a good result with your script and me, JYR i have some mixte...we are 2 differents posters with 2 differents result ! lol


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          Hi !

          first thanks Nebula for enabeling me to go to vBulletin from my old phpBB

          I used to make it with one of the first versions of your script.
          After some "Find & Replace" on the similies stuff in vi I came accross the difficulty of all links + bbcode stuff...

          So I've made a little script of mine to do this using a modified html2bb (found in admin/bbimport.php)

          Here the modified I've used to get all these nasty <! BBCodes ... and other into nice vB style codes

          Hope this can help some of you.

          Now I've a clean forum


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            Hmm...Very Nice

            Hmm...that's really good. I was actually thinking of making something like that, just because that function doesn't work well with phpBB code. Thanks a bunch!

            Actually, I think I'm gonna make my own code for this, just because that uses a lot of str_replaces. I was thinking about just removing everything in the posts between (< !--)s. Anyways, thanks tho...that has a bunch of good ideas in there. I will base many of my ideas on it.

            Thank you bunches tho!!


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              Glad you like it

              The smilies part (beginning of the file) is not correct for phpBB as these guys stored a href to images directely

              But someting like :

              $htmlcode=eregi_replace("<IMG SRC=\".*smile.gif\" border=\"0\">",":)",$htmlcode);
              might do the job pretty well


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                I converted my phpBB forum fine, but i have a minor problem...
                No email has been sent to users :-\
                I removed the comment in the converter just before
                echo "<p>Users imported sucessfully.</p>";
                $action = "mailusers";
                $action = "forums";

                How can i mass email their passwords to my members?


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                  Another minor problem:
                  How to remove all useless slash in posts in phpmyadmin ?
                  like: it\'s me


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           to the mass mail not working...if you look at the 2 lines:

                    PHP Code:
                    $action "mailusers";
                    $action "forums"
                    You'll notice that the $action = "forums"; is rewriting the $action variable so that it will no longer mail the users, but go to the forums. So remove the $action = "forums"; line. Also, please do not run this version. It is not complete. Do not use it for your final import. The final version you will obtain from JelSoft (hopefully ).

                    As to the \'slash\' problems...I do not know what is wrong with that. I'll look into it, but I am not sure what you are talking about.

                    Also, expect a new release very soon that has much improved HTML2BB decoding.


                    • Why don't you edit the first post so it always has the latest version? This would make things much easier for everyone.
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                      • Originally posted by ced
                        Another minor problem:
                        How to remove all useless slash in posts in phpmyadmin ?
                        like: it\'s me
                        Neb, GREAT script. It all worked except for this detail.
                        I'm not an advanced programmer, but I would suspect that this can be fixed by another string replace ?

                        Basically, it's leaving the slash escape character in the new posts.

                        Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

                        Thanks for an awesome script!



                        • Hmm...

                          I'll get on it right now. Expect a new release as soon as I restore all my phpBBconv stuff (I had to re-format my computer (too much surfing to strange sites sometimes gets you viruses)).


                          • New Release...

                            Here's a new release everyone! If I do say so myself, it has a GREAT new feature. It is a HTML2BB function modified so that it works 100% with phpBB 1.4.0. I've tested it myself, and so you shouldn't see any phpBB BBCode left over. It should be all converted into vBCode (hopefully).

                            Also, I have not been able to reproduce the error with the \'s. I am thinking it may be something with your database. If you have this error, send me ONE of these:
                            • Your Database
                            • A Link to phpMyAdmin that has access to the phpBB Database and the vBulletin Database

                            Please don't post them to the forums here, rather email me.

                            Thanks a bunch. This version also has some optimizations to it where I turned "s into 's because of something I read in a PHP book. If you use echo "Lala!";, it checks if it has any variables or special stuff in there, where as if you do echo "Lala!";, it does not check for anything. So that should speed it up remotely.

                            Please test this version. We are very near FINAL!
                            Last edited by Nebula; Wed 22 Aug '01, 6:47am.


                            • Regarding that las comment,you're talking about string interpolation right? Where stuff inside double quotes is checked for varaibles and while stuff inside single quotes is not. Anyways, the speed increase for that is extremely minimal but I guess you need to pull out every ounce of speed possible



                              • String Inperpolation...

                                Well...if that's what it's called then...yes. And also, I do want to get every ounce of speed out of this, because otherwise the script may timeout, and leave you with a semi-corrupt database. And...if the database is corrupted, that's not good. And besides, if it's a millisecond faster, nobody will notice, or care.

                       of this post...0 people have downloaded the newest version...that's not good...get testing, this is a quite important release.


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