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    I really need that vacation (leaving tomorrow (YAY!! )). You won't be getting an update now. The SentPM thing is fixed (There's an option that lets you convert the sent PMs or not, if you chose to, the amount of queries and entries will double). It works, and I'm not sure why I didn't do that sooner. I completely forgot.

    The counters thing I'm still looking into. The only thing I could see wrong is that you didn't follow the right order of which you need to update counters. Did you update users, then threads, and then forums, and then (optionally) rebuild the search index?

    Ced: As for this new found horrible bug, please send me your complete phpBB database. My email address is: [email protected].

    Anyways, this is Nebula signing off for about 4 days, or until Wednesday, which ever comes first (or last)


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      Bye guys. I'm leaving in 20 minutes. Post all the bugs you can find here. If you test it, and it works fine, tell me that too. I'll be back on Tuesday. Again, the SentPM thing is complete, and I'm still looking into the counters problem. All I can think is that you did not update them in the right order. Make sure you update users, then threads, and then forums, not users, forums, threads like it's organized in the update counters page.

      I really need this vacation Anyways, I'll talk to you guys later. I look forward to at least 1 new post on Tuesday.


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        Your email doesn't seems to work Nebula ;\

        I sent you a PM ! :-)

        Good vacations


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          I'm about to convert a phpBB to vB. I've read the entire thread and downloaded the zip from the first post.

          But just a few questions:
          Does this thing import stuff from a phpBB database into a vB database? Or does it convert the phpBB database?

          And what is the correct procedure? It isn't clear to me what needs to be done to convert and how...


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            I'M BACK!!

            YAY!! After a great vacation at Macinac Island (spelling??), I am totally ready to get working again.

            Pingu: You didn't read the top part of first post (or am I wrong??). It says to read the last posts. The first post was the first release. The more recent ones are much farther along, and much easier to use, and do so much more. Please download the most recent version (by looking at the most recent posts). As for importing or converting, I'm not sure what the difference is (:P). But, since vBulletin calls it import, and all the vBulletin functions use the word import, then I'll say it imports As for installation instructions, I think I should do that right now:

            [list=1][*]Download the most recent version of the script by checking the newest posts in this thread.[*]Unzip the .ZIP file, and upload 'bbimport_phpbb.php' to your vBulletin Importer directory (If your board's url is, then your board's importer directory is[*]Log into the vBulletin control panel.[*]In The 'Import & Maintenance' list, choose 'BB Import Systems'.[*]Select the phpBB importer list item, and click 'Begin Import'.[*]The script will guide you through the next steps.[*]After the script is done, you must to update counters in the order it gave you (Update Users, then Threads, and then Forums, NOT Users, then Forums, and then Threads).[*]Your phpBB was successfully imported into vBulletin! Enjoy![/list=1]

            Hope that's correct.

            Anyways, I must get back to unpacking our car. As soon as I'm done, I will go look at all the bug reports you sent me :P

            Hope for a new script version soon!


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              New Release...

              Okie. Here's the most current release. Also, I will be pruning all the older versions for two reasons (I don't want to make vBulletin's database too big, and I don't want people downloading a bad version). Anyways, this adds one feature, and no bug fixes.

              The added feature is the addition of the option to import sent PMs also. Also, you may be wondering why the counters bug (the one about thread and post counts being the same). I have looked over this for at least an hour, and have came to the conclusion that this is not a bug. I have been able to recreate the bug by following the last instructions wrong. The threads and posts counters appear the same when you update in this order: users,forums,threads. They appear right when updated in this order: users,threads,forums. I will explain why:

              When you update user data, that basicially updates when the user last posted and stuff like that. When you update threads, it counts all the posts inside each thread and the lastposter, and updates the thread. When you import forums, it reads only the thread data. It does NOT read any post data. When a thread is imported, it's replycount is set to 0. It is done so because it saves many queries. When you update users,forums,threads, then the forums look at the replycounts in the thread table, and think that all that's in that forum is single-post threads. Then, when you update threads, all the 0s in the replycounts are changed to their proper number, so it appears to be a bug. But it is not. It is a failure to read the directions...

              That is the conclusion I came to. If you don't understand that paragraph before this one, that's okay. It's just technical stuff.

              Anyways, test this version. Ced, try updating counters in the right order. It is confusing, because vBulletin has it ordered the wrong way. Maybe I'll submit a bug report

              Send me all your feedback.

              Also, ced, if this problem persists, I will need you to send me your database. I have a cable modem, so that is no problem. Don't worry about size. I don't care if it is 100MB...just send it
              Last edited by Nebula; Wed 15 Aug '01, 3:16pm.


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                I tried again in the order you said and all is fine on the main page now

                The problem begins when i try to enter in forums... Threads inside forums seems to be posted in random categories :-\
                Also threads topics doesn't point with good content.... :-(

                I really would like to send you my database but your email doesn' works at all, i keep getting that error: [email protected]; Action: Failed; Status: 5.1.7 (bad sender's mailbox address syntax)
                Do you check your PMs ?


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                  New (Hopefully Final) Version!!

                  Well...This version I think is perfect. I think it's finally done.

                  This version fixes the big nasty bug where posts were in the wrong topics. It also adds smiley import support.

                  If this one has no bugs, then I will change the cosmetics of it, and then send it in.

                  Test it now! Thanks.
                  Last edited by Nebula; Mon 20 Aug '01, 5:53pm.


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                    Seems PERFECT ! Congratulations for your good work !

                    Is the last version able to send new passwords ?

                    Also, i was wondering what's better, to keep MD5 encrypted password by hacking the board or send new passwords ??


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                      I'd send new passwords. Just works better with forgot password and such.


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                        It does send passwords. I have just commented it out, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to test it without sending the users their passwords

                        Glad to hear everything is OK.


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                          This latest version worked great for me as well. Just some minor cosmetic stuff to clean up. Thanks for a great script!
                          ParroTalk Forums


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                            Hi Nebula !
                            I am just come back from litles holidays, and i see that you are on the work again !
                            I try your last release tomorow, and i hope that all is allright !!
                            I post my result tomorow evening, i feel that it is good now !!!
                            See you tomorow


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                              Hi Nebula,
                              Bad news with your last release of the 08/15:
                              - Now, on the main page, the number of threads is ok, and the number of posts is not ok (98 for 66 or 147 for 76...) on all forums;
                              - In forums, the name of the thread is ok, but thread starter, replys and last poster are not ok. Only the number of reply is ok;
                              - In a topic, the number of reply is not ok;

                              In fact, it seems that there is an offset between topics and/or threads, because when i open a topic, i see the post for an another one and the number of answers that i can read is corresponding to the bad number that i see when i am in the page of forums.

                              The mixte is difficult for me to explain in for see the problem, make like me with my data base (that you have) :
                              - open 2 windows with one in phpBB and the other with the VB importation;
                              - for every fields like topics, threads, replys, compare the VB with the ref in phpBB;

                              I am sorry to say this to you, but if you don't use this method, i think you can never solve all this problem of mixing...
                              I don't know how you check your new release, but if you check with 5 posters and 10 posts, it is working fine ! the problem is perhaps with bigger database, so take a real forum like mine for your script validation.

                              You are so near of the true, take your time, and make the final release perfect !
                              So, have a nice week-end


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                                I tried the last realease of Nebula and it seems real perfect for me ! My board isn't that small, i have 10 forums and 40000+ posts !

                                I had the same problem as you and that thing Nebula said solve many problems:
                                After the script is done, you must to update counters in the order it gave you (Update Users, then Threads, and then Forums, NOT Users, then Forums, and then Threads).

                                The proof i'm really happy of that script is i bought my license and i'm planning to convert my board in the next days


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