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  • phpBB Importer Ready!

    UPDATE: Please make sure to read the last posts. The beginning of the thread is kinda old, so please don't think this is how it works. Read the last posts.


    Hello. This is my first time posting here, so I hope I make a good first impression

    Anyways...I just finished my phpBB 1.4.0 Convertor Utility, allthough I don't have an actual phpBB 1.4.0 DB to test it on. All I did was use a DB with 2 forums, one topic, and one post . Anyways, if you have phpBB 1.4.0, or any other kind of phpBB (Convert it to 1.4.0, of course ), please please help me test this.

    If you find an error or some way of crashing or messing up the process, please tell me what happened. Also, if you could send me a copy of the database you are using, that would be greatly appreciated. Please don't think I'll steal your PWs, because they are MD5 encoded.

    Known Bugs:
    • Does not make private forums private while converting

    When it is converting, all the user passwords are changed to a different md5-encoded string. I plan to change this later.

    I know it isn't very user friendly. Also, please don't take any part of this code without my permission. I worked really hard on it. Thanks a bunch.

    Please post anything you have to say about this below.
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    I've seen a different (older) version of this convertor at work and I was impressed.

    Note: You will have to use lost password to get your new pw, I think..
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        Away for a week...

        Hey All. I'll be away for the next week. I'll be at NorthWoods (A BoyScout Camp Reservation in Michigan). I'm leaving tomorrow, and I'll be back Saturday. Please don't expect me to respond until then. I'm sorry I will be away...but I wanted to get this released.

        Let's have lots of good comments for when I return


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          when you get back, you might want to click on the very long link hehe


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            OOps...sorry about my excessive being away. As soon as I got back, I had to leave again. Well, here's a new version. Kyle has tested this new version, and he said it worked fine. I am almost sure all the bugs were removed. I hope it works for you too. Let me know.

            Thanks. Again, sorry for appearing to be dead.
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              It works for me.
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                Works perfectly without any errors. However, is there a way to import members and messages without deleting the current ones? i.e merging into as opposed to overwriting.


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                  I've never thought about it, and I think it wouldn't be that easy...because all the userIDs and the forumIDs and threadIDs and postIDs and so on would have to be changed...and that would be VERY server intensive. I guess I could do it...but I don't really think anyone would want to...

                  The idea of this script is to convert a phpBB Bulletin Board's database into a vBulletin database. It is not supposed to append onto the vBulletin. The idea is that you just bought a new copy of vBulletin, and want to move from phpBB to vB...not to start something on vBulletin for a month, and then append onto it.

                  If anyone else would like to have merging support, I will do it. Just post here if you'd like this to support merging. Also, please everyone download and test. I got lots of help the first time around, and now it is (99.99%) finished, and barely anyone is helping to test it. Please guys...I'd appreciate it.


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                    Merging posts and members would make it into the perfect converter. I would love this.

                    The reason is that Ikonboard does not really cut it anymore, there is no converter but you can convert to phpBB. That is what I've done with my IB 2.18, converted it to phpBB and then to vBulletin and it worked without any problems. The only thing, is the 3500 posts and 200 members that I would loose if I just overwrite the board. So at the moment I have the conversion of a different database which I cannot use.

                    Like me, there are hundreds of Ikonboard users waiting for a solution to move to vBulletin. Even in their forums they are starting to get requests, problem is they get deleted.
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                      Well...I'll try

                      Wow...I didn't know merging was that important

                      I'm gonna go start on it...I'm not so sure how I'm gonna do merging...but I'll find a way. Maybe after I'm done with this...I'll make one that converts IKonBoard directly into vBulletin

                      Test this script for me...that's really what I need.


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                        Merging is a must. On my forums we're offering sub-hosting of forums for clans, mods, etc...and some of them have existing forums, but have already signed up for ours. I don't want their existing account to be overwritten. I haven't had a chance to test this script yet, but lets say I wanted to import an entire phpBB into a subforum on my vB. Could I do that?
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                          woah...slow down...

                          slow down...I've got too much to think about. I'm in the middle of working on merging. Once the merging script is done...then, to put everything into a subforum, you would just merge that BB into yours, and move all the forums into the subforum, therefore creating a subsubforum, and a subsubsubforum

                          vB can do don't worry about the levels getting too deep.

                          Merging is coming along nicely...Expect the merging version to be released in 2~3 days.


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                            2-3 days? WOW!!!

                            The previous script worked 100%. If you need help with testing it before you release the final, please let me know.


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                              This is great news, I can't wait.

                              If you need help with testing, I'm up to it too.

                              Thank you


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