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  • Problem with new thread

    when ever I try to create a new thread or post, I get the message:

    "There seems to be a slight problem with the database. Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser" - File is newthread.php

    Upon pressing the refresh button, it will work. So while it works, its quite irritating.

    Running on:
    vBulletin 2.01
    PHP 4.05
    MySQL 3.23.38
    Win 2000 SP2 with IIs 5
    Robin Chee

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    View the page source when you get that message. The actual error is in there.


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      This is the error I get ..

      <!-- Database error in vBulletin: Invalid SQL: SELECT wordid,title FROM word WHERE title IN ('please','ignore','this','is','a','test','mesage','please','ignore','please','ignore')
      mysql error: Can't open file: 'word.MYD'. (errno: 145)
      mysql error number: 1016
      Date: Thursday 21st of June 2001 05:04:27 PM
      Robin Chee


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        Sounds like corruption. You can try uploading the repair.php file from the 'extras' directory of the vB2 zip file. Go to it in a browser exactly like this:
        and see if you see any red boxes. If you do, look right below them and see if it successfully repaired it.


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          I've also encountered problems where the number of posts and threads are not reflected in the main page, although post and threads are there. Could this be also related to the database corruption?
          Robin Chee


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            in that case if you have root telnet access do a full check of all your forum's mysql tables

            here's a guide at


            made for mysql version 3.23.x

            if you have mysql 3.23.38 and above you should be able to use mysqlcheck command instead without needing to shutdown mysql like in the above article
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              tried the repair.php trick ..

              had two records corrupted in red .. the repair.php worked ..

              Thanks ...
              Robin Chee


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                I've also used mysqlcheck to check the database. All fields ok except for one which indicated the following, not sure whether its a problem:

                vbdforum.session error: The handler for the table doesn't support check / repair.

                I've also forced update all the counters and that updated all the threads and post numbers.

                However, I've suddenly seen the 'Most users ever online' number jump from around 10 to 462! I know that this is not possible, as my server would probably die first. How can we reset this number?
                Robin Chee


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                  When i try to create a new thread, the "Page cannot be displayed" event occurs. What should i do ?