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  • Lots of Errors

    Hello we just moved a clients vbulletin from a server yto a new server. With this move the url has changed to a new sub domain url.
    Version is 2.2.6

    When you go to the forums and login as a user which is in usergroup 6 a admin you can login to the forums without issue.

    If you try to go to the upercp for this admin user you get this error.

    Database error in vBulletin 2.2.6:
    Invalid SQL: SELECT privatemessage.*,touser.username AS tousername,fromuser.username AS fromusername,icon.title AS icontitle,icon.iconpath FROM privatemessage,user AS touser,user AS fromuser LEFT JOIN icon ON icon.iconid=privatemessage.iconid WHERE privatemessage.userid='92859' AND folderid=0 AND touser.userid=privatemessage.touserid AND fromuser.userid=privatemessage.fromuserid AND messageread=0 ORDER BY dateline DESC
    mysql error: Unknown column 'privatemessage.iconid' in 'on clause'
    mysql error number: 1054

    If you try to login as it redirects back to the lgin screen, If you use you get the following.

    redir = /admin/index.php redir = /admin/index.php redir = /admin/index.php?
    Hang on a sec

    Just sits there goes no where.

    Now we have changed the board url, domainurl, cookiedomain in the db settings table to the new url and we also tried using a blank field for the cookiedomain same issue.

    Also on the usercp error in the private messages table iconid field is in the table.

    Any would be appreciated Joey
    Real Web Host

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    What version of MySQL are you running? It may be that as you are running such an old version of vBulletin you may find that the MySQL version is not compatible.


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