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    The bb code within my signature is displayed raw when I post an announcement. I have ticked the bb code tickbox when issuing the announcement, however it is off again when I edit it. Turn it on again, still no change. Create a new announcement, options are off again - turn them on and they make no difference - bb code is outputted raw?

    Now where it gets more interesting is that if I use a smilie when I make the announcement it works - if you add a smilie when EDITING the announcement it doesn't, you end up with the text.

    Furthermore, if you HAVE a smilie in there to start with then edit it you end up with the raw HTML for the smilie. For some reason it contains an ALT with the raw smilie code, which the vBulletin no longer does in the posts (fixed during beta), and the subsequent smilie IS processed and you end up with one in the middle of the raw HTML for the non-working one.

    Have tried adding bb code into the actual message itself as well, no difference?!?

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    ^ Bump ^

    Anyone else having these problems?


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      I'm not having that problem, but announcements are parsed when first posted and stored as HTML, so that would explain the HTML when you go to edit. However it should be parsing the bbcode initially.


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        ^ BUMP ^

        This is still a problem. I've just posted a new announcement, and here's the result (note the signature at the bottom):


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            Can you attach the original version of the announcement?


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              That is the original, it hasn't been edited because that'll make it go even worse.

              I could simply type "Hello" and submit it, and my signature will come out raw like that. I can even change my signature to be nothing more than "[ b ]Chris[ /b ]" (without the spaces obviously) and it'd still messes up in announcements (yet fine in posts, private messages, etc).

              Hope this helps


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                I wasn't aware it added the signature automatically... Have to check that out.


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                  Yeah, I don't see anything that adds in the signature.

                  If you want it to get parsed, make sure you have the "Allow vB code" option selected.


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                    That's where it gets even more interesting, I had the vBcode turned on when I made the tests before going live as well as when I made the live announcement.

                    Even more strange again is if I use a smilie - works if you make the announcement, but if you then EDIT the announcement and add a smilie you end up with raw output!

                    So the siggy shouldn't have been automatically put there? I want it there, as I would with any message whether via forums or e-mail, but wierd that it appears anyway?!

                    Thanks Ed!


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                      Announcements are *stored* as HTML. So those options are a one time thing.

                      If you notice after you submit an announcement and go back to edit it, the buttons are changed around (HTML-yes; others-no). Smilies are part of the vB code bit, so unless you have that set to yes, they won't get parsed. This isn't a particularly ideal situation -- whether it will change in the future or not can't be said yet...


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                        So basically what we've got is:

                        1. Smilies work if entered as part of original announcement.
                        2. Smilies don't work if entered as part of an edited announcement.
                        3. Smilies that do work end up with an ALT code that is inconsistent with the rest of vBulletin (removed during beta due to problems).
                        4. Editing of announcements with working smilies cause raw HTML to be displayed (inconsistent with rest of vBulletin, but by design?).
                        5. Submitting that edited announcement, with the smilie there as HTML, results in the smilie within the ALT tag (bug #3 above) being parsed and smilie HTML being placed within the existing smilie HTML (problem is recursive and will continue getting worse on each subsequent edit).

                        1. Isn't meant to be there by design (why not?), but appears anyway for reasons unknown.
                        2. vBcode in signature is not processed, regardless of vBcode tickbox.

                        1. Simply doesn't get processed, regardless of tickbox
                        2. If it did get processed, it will apparently appear as HTML when you edit the announcement (by design?)

                        Hmmmm...the processing of text within vB announcements is sounding as clumsy as the way the entire UBB works (sorry Infopop, but you suck )


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                          Okay, I need a couple of hyperlinks in my announcement. Since the vb xode isn't functioning in the announcement feature I used html tags to hyperlink. Funny thing is it doesn't show. Leaves a blank where the hyperlink should appear. Is there another way?
                          Eat Your Veggies


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                            Never mind. It was my own mistake.
                            Eat Your Veggies


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                              I have many of these same issues... and when you edit an announement, it ads in more paragraph tags when you save it.
                              diet support at


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