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My IMG tags don't work in posts?

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  • My IMG tags don't work in posts?

    I've only been using vBulletin for 3 days, so I'm sure this is an easy question but I cannot find the answer for the life of me.

    On my board, when I try to post an image (inline with the mesage) using the vb IMG tag, all that is shown in the post is the URL for the image. When I go to edit the message, the IMG tags are there, but all the board is "showing" is the URL not the image. I'm using the correctly formated vb IMG tags which do work on this board in the testing forum. What do I need to change so my board will actually show the images, not just their URL's?

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    Make sure the option to show images inline is enabled in your user's options. And that you have the img tag code enabled in the forum.


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      Never mind - I finally figured out that these are set under the individual forums. (for some reason, I keep expecting properties like this to be a 'global' option under Options...)

      [edit: bad timing: But I promise I'll finally be used to vB's control panel in 2 more days ]
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        Hi there,

        this is an option I really missed at the beginning, too...

        Maybe there could be something stating the settings,
        like a very brief & broad overview-page of all board settings?

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