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Reasons for upgrade from 1.1.6 to 2.0.1

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  • Reasons for upgrade from 1.1.6 to 2.0.1

    My board is running 1.1.6 without any problems right now. I have some custom made scripts in place, which allow people to place reactions on my normal website, which are put in the VB database in a 'Website reactions' forum, only viewable for admins.
    This way I have all nice features of VB for moderation of these reactions and people only have to register once for posting on my forum and website.
    Problem is: with VB 2.x I have to completely re-write these scripts.
    This is not a real problem, but my time is limited and I would like to know if it is worth the effort.
    Upgrading would also mean a total rewrite of my custom templates, including another translation to Dutch .
    Many of the new features I will probably never use (like avatars, file uploads, polls, calender, PM) so this is not the reason I would upgrade for. (btw. can I disable all of these new features from the CP, or will this also involve rewriting code?)
    Good reasons for an upgrade (in my situation) would be:
    • speed (is vb2.0.1 faster than vb1.1.6?)
    • security (on what counts is vb2.0.1 more secure than vb1.1.6?)

    Any reactions from VB developers and other webmasters would be really appreciated.

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    1. Features--
    Yes, you can disable all those via the CP (options or usergroup permissions area). Although I think you'll find some new features you'll like.

    2. Speed--
    We've seen some people have a bit of load trouble with vB2, but some people whose load went down. I'd be inclined to say that the SQL is much better, but there are a few extra checks that would slow it down (although, if you want, they're pretty easy to remove)

    3. Security--
    Yes, vB 2.0.1 is more secure than 1.1.6. I would definately upgrade for that reason.


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      Thanks for the reply, this is the kind of info I was looking for. Maybe there are other people who can give their experience with the speed issue?
      My server seems to be able to handle the load of my forum easy, but as the community grows, I want to be prepared for the future.

      Guess I should be starting to look for some spare time to re-write my addons and re-write and re-translate my templates.

      I hope there are no future major changes in the code to be expected (I'm sure as hell not doing the re-write every half year...)?


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        If your Server have barely ressources (not enough RAM) Don't do the Update untill you buy more RAM


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