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    hi, i got this backup file from my board. now i made a new board on another host, i want to import my backup.php file, but i cant find it in the cp. i see a import link, but i dont know how to import my backup. i'm using 2.0.0 gold. can anyone please help me?
    if i did things wrong than please tell me how i can copy all post, members, colors settings and all to another host.
    thanks in advance!

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    Hi m8

    the best and easiest way I know is to use telnet or SSH.

    Ill tell you how to do this , as I still dont know how to do it otherwise with like phpmyadmin:-

    in telnet or SSH type :-

    mysqldump -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD dbname < /location/of/your/dump.sql

    make sure the arrow is < and not > otherwise it wont work. the > arrow is used when u want to make a backup of the database.

    type it in EXACTLY as it is in blue. It should work fine.

    Feel free to ask any more questions



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      well guess i'm stupid i have no idea what you are talking about all i know is how to click through the controll pannel of vbb. and it says that making a backup.php file is the easiest way to transfer all info to a new host, but i can make the backup.php file, but than i dunno what to do with it. hope you can help me again


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        Np man, we all have to start at one point. I was not as knowledged enoug h as you one time

        ok man, first thing is first.

        Do you know what telnet is ? and if you do, have you got it enabled on your webspace ?


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          noop dunno what tellnet is. i only have mysql activated and thats all i know. maybe its activated automaticly but i didnt do it


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