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Defalut Style different from the Style that is default :)

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  • Defalut Style different from the Style that is default :)

    It is different to explain why I need this, so I leave it ..
    But I can explain what I want:

    I want to have Style on the main Forum page (index.php), let's call it "Style A".

    And then I want to have a Style, let's call it "Style B" that is the default style when I create a new forum on my vB Board.

    But these Styles should not be the same.

    So is there there a way to do this ??

    Thank you very much for your time !

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    Go to your admin cp and to "Forums and Moderators" and click on "modify".

    Then click "edit" beside each forum you want to have a different style. Once there go down to "style options" and select the style you want and click yes on "Override users custom styles
    (will force this forum's specified colors)".

    Then click "save changes" below.
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      Thank you for your reply, but that isn't what I am looking for ...

      Because I want a New Template for every forum. But this template should be automatically look like template oder style "B"

      and not like "Template A" i am using as the template on my start page ...


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        From my understanding of what you want, I answered your question. That will give each forum a different style but you have to do that for each one that you want different than the default one. Maybe read my reply more carefully.

        I've done this and it's easy to do.
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          What I want is:
          If I create a new template, then this template should automatically !!!!! have the Variables of the Template default Style B !!!!
          And not of the Style or template A !!!!!

          If I does it your way: Every new Template I have created will have the standart Variables of the Standart Template A !!
          When I want teh templates of Template B I have to copy and paste every single Template !! even I can cange the style ....


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            k, I'll try again.

            Did you point the styles you want to the correct template first?

            In the cp go to styles and then modify. Once there click on "properties" of the style you want to have a different template. After you click on properties then you will see how you can change which template a style is pointing at. Select the template set and save changes then do as my first reply then you should be ok.

            Problem is when creating a new style it will point to the default template unless you tell it to otherwise. That must be the problem here. Hey, I'm trying.
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              Maybe I can help or maybe I'll be talking rubbish but here goes...

              You want everything to be Default Style 'B' right so why not create Template B using A then change A and leave B

              This way every new template you create will come from A which is the modifyied one.

              Does that make sense?
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