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  • adding a varible

    i am trying to get the
    varible next to something in my profile but it is not showing up how do i get it to show up
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    You will have to modify the code to put a value in the variable and then you can display something with it.

    It isn't showing because it has nothing to show.
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      i am trying to display that thread started posts right now it says
      5 of the currently available threads

      i want it to say 5 of the toatalthreads currently available threads so how doi make the varible show which would be toatal threads
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        I think wluke is saying that the variable must be defined in the php file before it can be used. The variables aren't universal throughout vB (like I once thought... would that be called a global variable?). So you would have to mod the associated php file. That's where my knowledge ends.

        You have to understand that Jelsoft can't support modifying the php files. So you may not be able to get a straight answer in the support forums. You might try the Code Hacks forum.