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  • Email not functioning

    I noticed several other posts about this, but alas, there are not any answers.

    Email does not work. It flashes a MYSQY error message, but it gos so fast I cant get it. I'll get a screen capture and post it ASAP.

    Its on Win 2k Pro, IIS 5.0 (obviously) using vbulletin 2.0


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    Nobody seems to care about problems with e-mail on Win2K


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      E-Mail Fix for Windows 2000

      I think we figured this one out about the e-mail problem with Windows 98/NT/2000.

      Newer versions of Windows use Front page extensions for IIS and MS Exchange.

      If you have an MS Exchange Server go into MSExchange Administrator > Connections > Internet Mail Service > Properties > Routing > Routing Restrictions...... and under the two check box's labeled "Host and Clients .........." place the static IP address of your message board server under IP and the subnet mask of, and/or and subnet mask of

      If your being hosted by an ISP call their Admins and make sure they place your IP address an Subnet Mask in their routing setup allowing that server to route mail....... this might be the Linux Server problem as well.

      It appeared to be a routing issue with me and just my be for you.

      I'll be testing out VBulletin on a Linux 6.1 Server this weekend and see if I can't come up with a sollution for your Linux Machines.

      Hope this helps



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        When you try it out on your Linux machine, let us know. I'm on Linux and I don't believe I've got a problem with routing, but hey, you never know.

        What is vb using to send the mail out? Perhaps this is not configured properly on my server.

        Thanks for looking into it. appreciated.
        Brian Shea (G+) and


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          Originally posted by TotalBS
          What is vb using to send the mail out? Perhaps this is not configured properly on my server.
          vB uses what is set in php.ini - on Unix I believe this is usually sendmail (correct me if I'm wrong).


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            The mails settings on exchange are not the answer. I use MSX 2K, but it is on different section of my firewall. Besides Vbulletin should not be sending mail via a relay on a mail server, 99% of the time mail relays is disabled to prevent people from sending spam through your server.

            How does vbulletin send mail?

            I have several web pages, all using sendmail CGI scripts, with no problems.

            Some one must have seen this before.

            Steve Slawson
            Random Acts of Kindness
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              vB uses what is setup in PHP, defined in php.ini.