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UBB 5 import script troubles

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  • UBB 5 import script troubles

    I just tried to run the UBB 5 import script for VB 2.01

    Imported members fine, forums, moderators, styles. But did not import threads and posts.

    I asked it to stop at the end of each page to verify, and it stopped after the first page, looking like it was importing just fine, On the next page it began quickly fluttering to the next page through a series of many pages. I think it said "could not find..."

    I finish the install (because there really isn't another choice in the installer) and go to the forums and sure enough, not threads or posts.

    I ran it again, thinking I had a setting wrong. Checked everything carefully. Ran the installer again. Now I have a new problem of twice as many members and forums doubled as well. Still not threads and posts.

    I re-opened my UBB and am going to bed. I hope to find a simle solution in the morning....?

    What happened and how do I fix this mess I have created as well as do a real import? And can I have sprinkles on that?

    oh, one last question: The installer asks if we want to use the UBB smilies. If we say NO, does that mean we'll have broken links on our board, or that VB will transfer "ownership" of the smilies and change the links....? hu??? confusing.
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    I would check that you got all your paths correctly set for the UBB import - it sounds a bit like you have not set the non cgi path up correctly.

    As for the smilies option, you have the option to use the old graphics that you were using in UBB, or to use vBulletin's default smilies.

    John Percival

    Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)


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      Ok, I wake up this morning and realize that when I started my UBB back up last night that it didn't start. Blank page.

      So I am now trouboleshooting that while I also figure out: HOW do I clean up all the members and forums that I created on VB?

      IS there some easy way to clean those up ? It would be fine to delet all members but me and all forums and start over again..... help? sooner the better, cause we are now running with out a board with no explanation to our members. Doesn't look good.

      I need to:
      1. delete all members but me
      2. delete all forums.
      3. delete all moderators

      (basically, delete everything except the styles and templates and ME)

      Please please tell me how to do this. soon. running on empty here.
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        ok. so now I really screwed things up. I went into phpmyadmin and deleted the usertable and the forums table.

        now, when I try to go to the board I get this error:
        "There seems to have been a slight problem with the database. Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.

        An E-Mail has been dispatched to our Technical Staff, who you can also contact if the problem persists."

        We apologise for any inconvenience.

        and this email:
        Database error in vBulletin: Invalid SQL: SELECT userid,username FROM user WHERE userid=
        mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '' at line 1
        mysql error number: 1064
        Date: Thursday 07th of June 2001 12:17:16 PM
        Script: /speak/

        I cannot log into the members area, becuase I guess I deleted myself.

        Meanwhile, my UBB does not show up in Netscape any longer since running the VB import utility and my members are emailing me asking "What's up?!" and I just don't know.

        Martin, Freddie, John, wluke...can someone just rescue me? please?
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          well, impatience got the best of me AGAIN (this has happened before) and I did a re-install of VB. So...

          now I am in the position of once again trying the import.

          I can't figure out what I did wrong.

          I am using the paths that I have in my UBB control Panel. Those should work.

          I am going to try it again. If I have the same problem, I will wait for an answer about how to get rid of the wrongly imported materials.


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            Pester Kier, he wrote the script


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              can you PLEASE explain how to delete the users and forums etc if this happens again. I am in the middle of an import right now.... and pestering kier doesn't sound fun.

              I just need to get my board aliove again!

              Hopefully this import will work. But if not, I need a way to fix it without doing a full re-install if vb 9and loosing all my template changes with it) (no, I didn't export my style, dammit)


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                it happened again.

                Imported everything except threads and posts. Imported forums.

                Dammit. I really need some help here. I am stuck!

                My old UBB boards are not not functioning in Netscape and I can't get my new boards going.

                I don't know how to fix this.


                VB 2.01
                on a shared server at Futurequest
                will be happy to tell you login info if you can fix this for me.


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                  I have never used the UBB script nor looked at it very much but did you update forum and thread counters after importing?


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                    If you want to restart an import, you can use a hidden feature in the script to reset your board to the state it was in before you started.

                    Note that you can NOT do this after you have clicked the 'clean up' button at the end of the script.

                    To reset your board, open admin/bbimport.php?action=reset and follow the instructions...


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                      ok, that's great.

                      I did not do the cleanup. But, why do I keep having this trouble? I have tried three times now to do an import using the correct paths and it still wont read my threads and posts.

                      I set it to import at a rate of 25 and to stop after each page (which it only stopped after the first page of importing threads and posts, then went through all the others automatically and said it didn't import them successfully)

                      does this make sense?
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                        Well, my guess is that PHP won't let you read the files because FQ has safe_mode on. The best you could do is get the files to be owned by the PHP user (what Apache is running as). But you'll probably have to talk to your host about this.


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                          I am reset and ready to go. but, I don't want to simply do the same darn thing I have done now many times.

                          It is not working.

                          Kier, can you take a look at it?


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                            I do believe safe mode is on.

                            But, in the past I have done an import just fine. on vB rc2 I believe. And even now, it imports everything except the threads and posts.

                            why is it different now?


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                              Yes, I can take a look, send me your admin login in a PM


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