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Avatar Selection Problem

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  • Avatar Selection Problem

    Server Info:
    Win2kPro SP2
    MySQL 3.23.38
    PHP 4.0.5
    vBulletin v2.0.1
    Test Board

    When a user tries to select a avatar (doesn't matter whether its custom or serverside), upon submission of settings it brings them to the password retrieval page. Any ideas? try for yourself on the test board.

    Thanks in advance.

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    ok I think I know what's wrong. The domain the board was on has one of those NameStay features from the registrar that keeps the domain name as is no matter what page the user goes to. I used that the alias url for the board that I set up for easy access within the settings of the board instead of the actual url. I think this gave it some problems. Atleast that's what I think the problem was.


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      Ok maybe not....
      It would seem that if the option of custom avatars are given to any user (upload or link) the page sends them to password recovery page reguardless of which option they used (as long as those options are shown).

      I tried it with custom avatars off, it worked fine. If it's on, users that haven't met the minimum post count for custom avatars are fine, but users who've met the count (which have the options available to them) receive the password recovery problem.



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        It's the same fix as I just posted.

        Your server has some major issues though with anything after the file. Definately a bad thing.


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          yeah I took out the enctype attribute out of the modifyavatar template. No more password recovery page, but it doesn't seem to be working with the custom avatars. Linked avatars aren't showing up, and uploads aren't doing anything. It just gives me a thank you page and forwards me back to my CP.

          What do you exactly mean by anything after that file? I don't like the way that sounds Any remedies?


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            That part of the <form> tag is needed for uploads to work.

            I would suggest upgrading your server software.


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              I see. Upgrade software meaning MySQL and PHP? I thought those were pretty new versions?


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                No, your webserver software (IIS I assume). It's also possible it's an OS related issue (for example, RH7 has a strange problem with the "enctype" attribute; but we could work around that)


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                  Oh, I'm running IIS5.0
                  The sort of limited version that came with Win2kPro :/
                  Is it even possible that this would have something to do with the PHP running? Maybe a bad installation of it? I remember having problems with the first installation.


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