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Problems after upgrade

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  • Problems after upgrade

    I have been running into more issues. I went and upgraded my board to version 2.0.1 and now I can not do the following

    1. Can not login to the control panel I am getting the following: Page can not be displayed. URL Showing is:

    2. Can not login to the board at all. I am getting the following : Page can not be displayed. URL Showing is:

    I have tried to use the getadmin.php and I am still unable to log in at all.

    Yes i have made sure that I have permissions set right on the files, that I have uploaded them. I have cleared my cookies and my cache on the machine being used.

    I can see the board but can not login. I have other users that are experiencing the same thing.

    I have seen that this is covered else where and yes my variables are set correct in my php.ini, double checked that one.



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    Look at the topics about admins not getting in to they're CP. I think the solution to your problem is the same solution.
    Like this one:
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      Just for your information I have tried the answers provided in the other threads as suggested before your suggestions.

      I have been in under phpmyadmin

      did this: UPDATE user SET cookieuser=1

      That did not work

      I did this: UPDATE user SET nosessionhash=1

      I am still unable to login as the the admin or under my own login. I still have several users that can not login as well.

      This seems to be a no win situation.


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        1). Add &nozip=1 to the end of your URLS. If this allows you to log into edit your options and turn off GZIP compression.

        2). If you have multiple vBulletin's installed on the same server make sure the Admins userID's are the same in every database. I know this may be difficult to accomplish but it fixes a lot of problems with how the browsers handle cookies.
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          Thanks WLuke.

          I got this resolved. You are the best.