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Trouble Replying!

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  • Trouble Replying!

    My users and I are having some difficulty replying to threads!

    See above. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. I'm running 2.0.1, and it worked fine and started this crap all of the sudden. Anyone know what in the heck is going on??

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    please someone help!!! my whole forum is SCREWED!!! sometimes people can reply and sometimes they cant


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      Some details would be nice here...

      1) Browsers used.

      2) Any error messages received (vbulletin, MySQL, Apache).

      3) Why your server it throwing 500 errors (internal server errors).

      4) Server Version, MySQL Version, PHP version.

      Sorry the thread you point to do not do anything to help with problem.
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      Wayne Luke
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        the server errorsa re on the banners not the site..
        has nothing to do with me
        an ad server is down
        has nothing to do with the site

        hasppens with any browser

        why dont you try to register and post on it

        is there any chance i can give one of you vb guys root on my server and you can see whats up?


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          You have to provide the information that was asked of you. We are not going to register to find out what the problem is, if you want you can make a test account, and post it here.


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            good idea
            login: Forumfixer
            pass: forumfixer

            test acct


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              We still need the server info!

              Errors you receive


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                PLZZZZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!

                im dying here!!!! my forum is dying!!!!!!!!!


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                  If you want help, you are going to have to provide all of the information asked for! Also, please give the dev's and mod's a chance, you didnt post this long ago! I can garuantee someone has already looked at the thread, and when you post the required info, you will get an answer!


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                    1) Browsers used

                    2) Description of problem

                    U click to submit a reply, nothing happens, it says accessing or something like that
                    and just sits there and you can never reply

                    Yet, some threads you can hit reply and it does it just fine. This is happening to all thousands of my members. My forum is dead!!

                    Redhat 7.1, Linux 2.2.16-SMP

                    Newest apache & newest MYSQL


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                      What version of php?


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                        And what version of MySQL? Newest could mean a couple different things.


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                          It looks like your server is hanging at some point, or it is just very slow... I tried to reply and it is taking for ever to load so I gave up... The thread you posted at the top said something about HD space, whats up with that?


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                            1. Shutdown the MySQL Daemon.

                            2. Run MyISAMCHK on all tables. This should work on the NEWEST version... If it doesn't use ISAMCHK.

                            3. Restart MySQL.

                            4. Empty the searchindex and word tables.

                            5. Enter your vBulletin Control Panel and reindex your posts.

                            6. Optimize your MySQL server so that you don't get conflicting accesses along with slow and locked queries.

                            7. Chill Out. We are here to help and can only do so with some hard proof of what is happening we don't ask questions needlessly and would rather not getting yelled out. If this had taken place over a phone exchange I would guess, many would have simply hung up on you.
                            Translations provided by Google.

                            Wayne Luke
                            The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
                            vBulletin 5 API


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                              mysql works fine
                              the entire site is mysql
                              and it loads in a jiff

                              also i have other vb forums running off this box that dont seem to be having a problem

                              tried restarting mysql
                              didnt help ;(


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