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Porting UBB to vB???

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  • Porting UBB to vB???

    ok... I've gota board... 6000+members.. and ALOT of f****** posts/threads that I'd like to port to a vbulletin board.

    Is this possible? The version of UBB is 6.04.

    Let me know as this is a time critical matter.

    Also, with a huge board like this.. what kind of server requirements would be required?

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    There are UBB5, UBB6, OpenTopic, and ezboard importers available in the members' area.

    With 6000 members, it really depends on how active they are, and how many are online concurrently.


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      There is an import script to bring members, forums, threads, posts and styles from UBB6 into vBulletin 2.0 available in the members' area.

      The import script is configurable to work on pretty much any server with the capacity to run vBulletin.


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        The board produced around 900,000 impressions monthly.... would this help on the specs required for hardware?


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          The number of threads and posts in a vBulletin system is largely unimportant compared to the number of users who can be online at the same time - do you have any idea of a figure for that?


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            they weren't 100% sure about around 100 and up during above average times is all they coudl tell me


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              Well i purchased my copy of vBulletin today and will be working on getting it up and running this evening, well starting to attempt to as I'm new to UNIX and mySQL not to mention this product.

              I have a question on the importing from UBB6.x. Is it possible to use the scripts to import 1 UBB Board and then turn around and Import a second one ontop of the first, and just append it to the new vBulletin?


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                Yes, the scripts allow you to do this.


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                  Ok.. thats great..

                  next question.. this is where my lack of knowledge with working under vBulletin comes in... If there are users on the first board being imported that have the same email, username as the second board being imported, how will it handle that?


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                    This is where the 'association' screen comes in Check it out - it's fairly self explanitory


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                      My guess is your refering to the script itself when you refer to the association screen. Is this correct? Sorry if these are ignorant questions, I'm not at the location I will be doing this at, and just want to make sure I have all my bases covered so I can get this started and hopefully completed quickly.

                      Thanks for all the help so far.


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                        Yes he's referring to the script.

                        The script allows you to associate a current vB user with a user being imported from UBB.


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                          Great... NOW if i can only get mysql to work... i'd be in business (well at least farther along then I am now)


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