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NEED to disable email for vbulletin - URGENT, PLZ READ

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  • NEED to disable email for vbulletin - URGENT, PLZ READ

    Got this letter from my host today, its VERY important I do not get kicked, since this is one of the last places that I can afford hosting from for my site:


    When your site hits a database error (such as connection failed), it sends out an email, usually a couple hundred at a time. This is TOTALLY unacceptable for 2 reasons. First, it is completely useless and it causes extreme server load! Second, they are all bouncing into MY inbox which is VERY annoying!

    I'm also placing you on warning that vBulletin is a huge resource pig and we are considering banning it from our servers if its performance isn't improved.

    I'd recommend you start exploring other hosting services in the event you might need to move again in the near future.

    If I don't receive a prompt reply to this message I'll be forced to do something that will be more likely to catch your attention (like replacing your site with a page that says "Contact A System Administrator").
    I need to do 2 things:
    1. Disable ALL email notification on the board, yes, for ALL users
    2. Disable email notification for SQL problems

    if this is not possible, how can i make it so theyre not bounced into his mailbox

    I have asked this question before, with no responses. Now he is pissed and its a emergency. PLEASE HELP

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    Well first off, I have to comment on your host... this email you were sent was very unprofessional in nature. I would probably consider switching to a new host asap. Also, if they didn't have problems with the MySQL server going down, those emails would never have to be sent in the first place. Those tech emails are very, very important in helping firgure out when/if a problem occurs and what to be done about it.

    Anyway, you can disable all emails by editing all the .php files and looking for the mail() function. Comment out all those lines by placing "//" in front of those lines


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      With the attitude he gave you I would seriously considering moving anyway just to spite him. Not to mention threatening to retaliate instead of acting like a grown-up.

      How many users do you have online at a time?

      To remove the email functions, just comment out the mail() lines - put
      at the beginning of the lines.


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        online users at once = about 75-100

        so i just put // at the beginning of the line, nothing at the end?

        also - do i gotta run through all the files, or are these known only to be in certain ones

        one more - will doing this give errors on the board

        should be mentioned: are there any optimization hacks that would reduce load/rescources used for vBulletin?


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          nothing at the end.
          It's in most of the files.
          Should not give errors.

          With 75-100 users no wonder he thinks its' a resource hog. He obviously has no idea about MySQL and what sort of limits he needs to place on his clients. Most hosts would kick you at 30 to 40. This guy really sounds clueless - I would run far far away if I were you.


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            Originally posted by Flare945
            so i just put // at the beginning of the line, nothing at the end?

            also - do i gotta run through all the files, or are these known only to be in certain ones

            one more - will doing this give errors on the board
            Yes, just // at the beginning and the code won't be executed.... you'll need to check all the files for "mail (...);" and change them to "// mail (...);". No this won't cause any errors other then obviously not sending any emails out.


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              thx for quick help

              so theres nothign i can tweak to tone down the rescources used?


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                Honestly, don't you think if there was the dev team would have included it in the product?

                It sounds like you are on a shared server - if so, there's really nothing you can do. Although as I said previously, 75-100 is a LOT for a shared server.


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                  You can limit the resources used by turning off extra features like post icons, search, thread rating etc.


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                    shared server = true

                    disabling all that junk = make site suck, probably wouldnt do all that much either

                    looks like i may get the boot from the host


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                      Why don't you edit the email address in config.php so that it goes to a real person and doesn't bounce back to the admin.


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                        the email addy in config.php is my email address

                        i dunno y it wouldnt work

                        this happened on my last host too, they got over 500,000 emails when my site got DDOS'd from vBulletin saying SQL errors... heh, that ended my hosting service from them (were not being DDOS'd rite now or nething, just an example of how it didnt get sent to rite place)


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                          How can anything be considered a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) when all the data is coming from a single source (your server)?

                          If you really have 100 people online at the same time, I would expect that you will be thrown off your server very soon indeed. You should really be looking at getting a dedicated server for your board.
                          Last edited by Kier; Tue 5 Jun '01, 7:19pm.


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                            when i said DDOS i was talking bout a past event, when it was a ddos... nevermind, it was a bad example, not revelant to current situtation


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                              If you don't want it to email you error messages comment out the mail() in db_mysql.php. That seemed to be this guy's biggest issue.


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