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Admin email problem in v2.0 final?

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  • Admin email problem in v2.0 final?


    I don't know if this is a bug, but we've got an admin email problem in V2.0 final.

    When selecting the "email users" option in the CP, and only select a usergroup when sending mails, these groups work correctly:
    Custom members1 (home made group)
    Custom members2 (home made group)

    But when choosing the group "registered users" not enough emails get send.
    We've got about 3000 users (minus the groups mentioned above) but only 1000 emails get send. This I could see on the amount of "userid" numbers on the screen. The highest one was 999 and I did not get several pages, only 1 pages and I checked it.
    Maybe this problem resides also on the other usergroups but there are not as many members as in the registered usergroup so I can't test it.

    The second problem is, that mails adressed to the usergroup "users awaiting email confirmation" do not get send at all, and we've got 82 of them!
    However when registering as a new user, the normal activation email is send correctly by the board software.

    Am I doing anything wrong or is this a bug in V2.0final?
    About e-mails, I only implemented the e-mail hack by Kier, but I don't think this is the problem because also the "registered users" group is affected.

    Please help.
    Greetings, Black Tiger

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    Some users can select not to receive mailings...


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      I know, but that is not the problem. The majority of registered users has this option set to YES.
      So I should be able to send more then 999 emails.

      Then I checked the users awaiting email confirmation, and the first three i checked also have this option to YES (I even think most of them don't change that), so I should be able to send at least 3 emails to that group, but nothing is send.

      Problem must be something else, but thank you for thinking for a solution.
      Greetings, Black Tiger


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        Can anyone please help me with this one?

        I tested all usergroups and i can send mail to all usergroups except the "users awaiting email confirmation" group.

        No messages are send using the admin email option.

        We now upgraded to 2.01, but the problem is still there.
        Please I need a solution for this one, since nobody seems to answer and problem is also in 2.01 it looks to me it is a bug.
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        Greetings, Black Tiger


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          Am I the only one with this problem????
          Is there any of the developers prepared to lookin to this? I really need this one urgently.
          Greetings, Black Tiger


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            Where it says number of users to send to, did you set it to the number of members you have? By default it is 1000...


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              It says 1000.
              Must it be set to the number of users? I thought it says it sends 1000 at one time.
              In version 1.16 I did the same, also setting on 1000, so I got 3 pages of users because we've got 3200 users.

              Now we've got 82 "awaiting user group" users, i tried 50, 82, 100, it just does not do anything.
              Greetings, Black Tiger


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                This may seem like a rhetorical question but.....

                Do you click the "Continue Button" at the bottom of the screen.

                It starts at ID 1 and process however many you set. When you click continue it processes the next batch in sequence (1,2,3,4,...)

                If you have 5000 members and it is set to 1000 and everyone getting the email is in the higher numbers you will have to click it several times before you see ID's listed on the screen.
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                  Well, with those 999 registered users, solution found. Due do a slow connection or problem with NS the "do next page" did not appear. Thanks!

                  But when posting to the "awaiting email" usergroup, there is no buttons at all.
                  It just says

                  An nothing happens. At the bottom of the browser it says "done" but nothing is send and I don't see any (do next page) button.

                  So I can't send any mail to that entire usergroup "awaiting email".

                  No problems sending emails to other usergroups.

                  Now i found this out.
                  When trying with IE 5.5 same thing (nothing), but it does give this next page button.
                  When clicking, 1 user in this group is mailed.
                  When clicking again, 2 more users are mailed
                  When clicking a 3rd time, all other users of the group are being mailed.???!!??

                  It still does nothing with NS 4.75.

                  Here is some more info if needed:
                  PHP version is 4.02
                  Mysql version 3.23.22-beta
                  VBulletin 2.01
                  OS: Red Hat Linux release 6.2 (Zoot)
                  Kernel 2.2.16-3 on an i686
                  Greetings, Black Tiger


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                    Hmmz.. Nobody any idea yet?
                    This problem only occurs with the usergroup awaiting email confirmation in IE 5.5.

                    In other usergroups a whole bunch of emails are send but in this group it goes like stated above.
                    Seems very strange to me.
                    Please help?
                    Greetings, Black Tiger