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  • moving a subforum

    i guess its a subforum. people before me used 1.whatever and had turned off the display of the forums, so it just showed the subforums. now with 2 i dont see a way to turn it off. so now i came to find out that they had added subforums to the wrong forum. is there a way to move it?

    i'm not sure i have the terms right, but theres like [forum1]>[somethingunderit] that i want to move to [forum2]>[hereinstead]

    also is there a way to turn the display of forums?

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    First question, go to Forums > Modify and change the parent from forum1 to forum2.

    Second question, set Active to "no" or Display Order to 0 - either one will turn off the forum from display.


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      first answer was exactly what i wanted.

      second wasnt. in 1.x you could just display all the subforum type things on the main page, and it didnt show what big forum type deal it was under... i wish i remembered what the option was called..

      either way thanks for the help


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        i want the main page to look like after you click on a big forum thing (purple bar, yellow text by default). with just the listings of the actual forums not the categories. whats the correct term for this anyway i feel retarded. maybe i am retarded who knows...


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          I'm not quite sure what you mean but I don't think it's possible if you mean what I think you mean.


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            ill be back when i find out what the option was called in 1.x

            thanks again


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